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“That’s why, regardless of whether you feel Kaepernick’s decision to protest the anthem was honorable or shameful, it is significant.”

I agree with this line and love this piece, but it feels like the Ringer has avoided this subject a little bit. The Kaepernick sitatuion is a major piece of news and the main piece about it on the Ringer is about how the NFL controls it’s players and makes it difficult for them to speak their minds???

Maybe I’m wrong, but I have to think there’s one person on the Ringer’s staff who would defend Kap against the ridiculous criticism he’s been receiving. Let’s write that article, rather than commenting on the NFL in all this. Again, I loved this piece but it should not be the Ringer’s main piece on this situation.

Hopefully someone is working on that piece right now and I’ll eat my words.

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