ICO Expert Richard Kastelein Joins SportsFix Advisory Board

Boom! We are announcing one of the big names on our Advisory Board.

It’s our pleasure to welcome Richard Kastelein as SportsFix ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Advisory Board member.

SportsFix is building a decentralized platform to democratize sports content for fans backed by blockchain technology, creating a community-based ecosystem which allows every sports fan to watch, engage, and be rewarded by their favorite clubs and communities across the globe.

Richard Kastelein, 50, is an award-winning publisher, innovation executive and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Blockchain News –a publication focused on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, partner at ICO services collective CryptoAsset Design Group, and director of education company Blockchain Partners and ICO event organiser at leading industry events.

Check out Richard Kastelein on ICO Bench here.

“This is like my old world coming back,” Kastelein explained his reason advising SportsFix ICO in an interview. “I knew the CEO, Carl Kirchhoff, from my old days in the TV industry. We were both working on the cutting edge back then and it’s great to work with old peers in this new blockchain world.”

Advising more than 40 blockchain startups globally, writing over 1500 articles about blockchain technology on Blockchain News, and pioneering article on ICOs in Harvard Business Review and Venturebeat, Kastelein’s professional career once specialized in TV technology from over-the-top (OTT), video-on-demand (VOD), Second Screen, to Social TV, the union of television and social media.

Our CEO, Carl Kirchhoff, is a sports and technology veteran who, together with Kastelein, had been disrupting the TV industry for more than ten years.

Presenting a next generation OTT platform, SportsFix feels that it is time to disrupt the current sports broadcasting system. Along with the implementation of blockchain technology and smart contracts, sports fans worldwide can now take part in the emergence of a revolutionary financial ecosystem for sports.

Kastelein, who previously worked as future media consultant with various media companies from BBC, ITV, Sky, ABC, NBCU, RTLGroup, RTL, SBS, RTE, Seven Network, to Liberty Global before leaving the TV industry in 2014, agrees.

“Decentralization will bring price reduction as costs are lowered when centralised incumbents like Sky (SKY TV) and BT (BT Groups) are disrupted.”

Particularly in sports content broadcasting rights, Sky Sports is a UK-based television channel who has the rights to various popular leagues and matches such as Premier League –shared with BT Sport, UFC, and MotoGp, while its main competitor, BT Sport, broadcasts some other major sports content such as Formula One, Super Bowl, and English Football League.

But Kastelein, who has helped raise over 500 million USD in innovation funding via ICOs, believes Blockchain technology is the solution to transparency and decentralizing trust. For sports content industry, the tokenomist sees democratizing sports content can be achieved by tokenizing sports content.

“The old way is over and we are now in the throes of transition as we move to a new epoch where the way we organise ourselves as humans is about to undergo a radical bottom-up, horizontally-aligned makeover.”

And this is exactly what SportsFix will do.

Welcoming our own SportsFix Digital Stadium ecosystem, dedicated to connecting sports fans with their favorite games and sports clubs, our one-on-one dynamic engagement within the ecosystem will give sports fans more autonomy and transparency to access content they favor the most.

We are building a token ecosystem around live game content where fans will be able to deeply engage with their favorite clubs, other fans, and earn rewards with sponsors through SportsFix utility token.

Stay tuned for more information about our Digital Stadium features and development here.

IT’S GAME TIME! And we’re changing the way YOU watch live sports!

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