Scam Alert: Watch Out for These Telegram Accounts!

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3 min readAug 6, 2018

Alert Game Changers!! First, we would like to remind you that there is only ONE official SportsFix Telegram group: SportsFix Official Channel or

SportsFix does not have any other Telegram Groups. We do not and will NEVER sell SportsFix Tokens via 1) Telegram, 2) Google forms and/or DM with the admin!

Our official admins in SportsFix Official Channel are below:

  1. Marcus Luer
  2. Carl Kirchhoff
  3. Award
  4. Banyu
  5. Ganesh
  6. Sadra SportsFix
  7. Taha Hashers

Second, please AVOID this scam group: sportsfix or SportsFix Token Sale. SportsFix is not affiliated with this telegram group. The admins in that group are all scammers and have been trying to sell FAKE tokens.

Do not fill out their KYC google form. It is a phishing scam and they will try to con you into buying tokens in a “private sale”.

Below are the FAKE ADMINS we found who are running the FAKE SportsFix’s group –and they change their NAMES and PROFILE PICTURE frequently:

  1. Nikita OR Anna Handerson OR Sandra OR Vivian Bucks
  2. Jeffery
  3. Pit Maxwell
  4. John Dwayne
  5. Alexander
  6. Olga Alves

All the fake admins in the FAKE SportsFix Group. Please avoid them.

We strongly advise for all members to be careful and to check the SportsFix telegram address carefully! Watch this video from our Chairman, Marcus Luer, about the telegram scammers here.

For the latest updates, stay in this group only:, SportsFix Official Channel. If you are not sure, write to our official email address at Thank you!



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