SportsFix is Changing the Game!

SportsFix ICO
Jun 20, 2018 · 2 min read

Take a moment to imagine how combining the power of Netflix with blockchain would transform the most powerful content in the world — SPORTS! That is SportsFix for YOU!

Check out our ICO website here. Or Visit SportsFix platform here.

Hi, my name is Carl Kirchhoff, CEO of SportsFix and I am excited to introduce you to our game changing platform. SportsFix is ASEAN’s largest OTT live streaming platform for sports. Leveraging the highest quality video streaming and blockchain technology, we are creating the next generation of over-the-top (OTT) platforms that allows fans to engage and experience live sports content in a new, exciting way. This will be possible with what we believe is the ultimate DIGITAL STADIUM concept.

When you watch a live game football match on television, it’s often an expensive proposition because you need to pay for a cable TV subscription. SportsFix’s vision is delivering affordable and accessible live games for sports fans anytime, anywhere!

We cut the cord for you. Meaning, eliminating middlemen, unbundling sports league content and delivering each sports game right to your palm! SportsFix has been successfully adopted in the Asian market with thousands of users watching sports matches every week, from the recent international sports events like the international badminton championship Thomas & Uber Cup 2018, to Italian football league Serie A.

It’s been a busy 2018 for us as we have expanded our telecom partners reach to include the biggest providers in Malaysia and Indonesia. We now have a reach of well over 300M people in the ASEAN region.

Integrating blockchain into the second phase of our development, we are upgrading your watching experience!!

Creating a self-contained economy through blockchain technology, SportsFix is establishing a Digital Stadium ecosystem, which tokenizes live game content using SportsFix token (SFT), powering the ultimate digital live stream sports platform for fans to watch, connect and get rewarded from their favorite teams, sponsors, and communities.

SportsFix Tokens are the fuel of our ecosystem. Bolstered with blockchain technology and smart contracts for content-related transactions, we democratize sports content through a secure and transparent process for fans to participate!

And we’re just getting started!

In our third phase of development, fans will be able to own a small piece of their team!

We aim to issue security tokens that provide fans a de facto fractional ownership of the content and the economics in which dividends are paid in form of SFT Tokens, allowing them to take part in the emergence of revolutionary ecosystem for sports content. The ultimate dream for any sports fan! So, stay in the loop and take part on our ICO project!

IT’S GAME TIME! And we’re changing the way YOU watch sports!

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SportsFix ICO

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This is the official channel for the Sportsfix ICO. We're changing the way you watch sports!

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