What is SportsFix Digital Stadium?

Sports fans! Let us introduce you to SportsFix Digital Stadium, the ultimate self-contained token economy within SportsFix ecosystem.

SportsFix is building the next generation OTT platform specifically designed to tackle the current sports content industry challenges by ultimately integrating sports fans, sports clubs, sponsors through a new exciting fan-centric experience. Backed by blockchain technology, we are establishing a unique integration of smart contracts and OTT, enabling fans to unlock their favorite sports content and product features through crowdfunding.

Digital Stadium: Blockchain and OTT Integrated Ecosystem

Our platform built on the blockchain is a decentralized ecosystem for Sports that will allow fans to directly connect to the clubs they follow. The SportsFix Digital Stadium is the focal point of Sportsfix ecosystem where sports fans, sports clubs, and sponsors can partake in our token economy to enjoy their favorite sports content, allowing more autonomy, new business models and transparency for sports communities to thrive.

It is the ultimate fan experience, combining the excitement of live and video on demand (VOD) sports content with the power of social media, gamification, predictions, fantasy leagues and e-commerce all driven by the SportsFix Tokens (SFT).

Digital Stadium ecosystem. Read more on our whitepaper here.

Tiered System and SuperFan Digital Stadium

SportsFix employs the integration of blockchain and OTT creating a digital stadium ecosystem. The digital stadiums are tiered, based on an algorithmic formula, built to incentivize respective fan bases to watch livestream matches and spur community growth.

There are five different types of Digital Stadiums. The first four tiered Digital Stadium include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. While SuperFan Digital Stadium is a unique independent stadium dedicated for our official sports clubs partners.

Digital Stadium tiered system based on an algorithmic formula.

Our algorithmic formula calculates the projected content cost for the game, feature cost, and hosting cost. After dividing those costs with number in attendances, the formula optimizes which digital stadium will be released for the fan bases.

Digital Stadium Features

The Digital Stadium features are divided into three categories of basic, custom, and marketplace.

Entering with Bronze Digital Stadium, fans will start with four different features including to watch live games and videos on demand, to pledge SFT for the desired content, use SFT to purchase game day passes or subscribe as a digital season pass holder, and share activities on their social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Our Silver, Gold, and Platinum will start with a complete set of basic features, with two extra features of wallet and leaderboard group.

The most exciting part is, as the community of fan bases grow, fans are collectively able to move up the digital stadium tiers to unlock various custom features to enhance their viewing experience! The custom features will include, but not limited to message, leaderboard, customized stickers, multistream, user generated content (UGC), bandwidth, DVR/time-shift, HD video, user generated commentary, cut/paste scenes to support UGC, Gifting, and prediction (see table below).

What our Digital Stadium offers to fans. Read more on our whitepaper here.

Dedicated for SportsFix official sports clubs partners, our SuperFan Digital Stadium will have the most complete features of basic, custom features, and marketplace. The most unique feature, Marketplace allows fans to directly purchase official merchandise of the clubs, redeem rewards and loyalty points for discounts!

Stay in the loop for other exciting news about our Digital Stadium. We are going to unveil a more in-depth information about what the sports communities can do with their Digital Stadium! No more missing your favorite sports match!

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