Virat Kohli Ends the Drama of Masked Lankans

Day 2 was as fascinating as of Day one and all eyes where on Virat Kohli as he was batting on with a overnight score of 157* with Rohit Sharma who just came into the crease, India were 372–4 after 91 overs.

Their was no pressure from the opponents whats so ever as Virat and Rohit continued to bat freely reaching their individual milestones and the time has arrived for Virat Kohli when he was batting on 199* he takes the single of Lakmal bowling and raises his bat for the 2nd consecutive double centuries in these series.

One Milestone has Broked Many Others:

  • Most double hundreds for India Virat Kohli (6) equals the likes of Sehwag (6) and the legendary Sachin Tendulkar (6).
  • Shortest span for FIVE DOUBLE centuries in Test cricket: 420 days — VIRAT KOHLI (2–6)
  • Most Double Hundreds as a Captain: Virat Kohli 6* , Brain Lara — 5 , Don Bradman — 4 , M Clarke — 4 , G Smith — 4
  • Virat Kohli became the only player to score 1000+ runs in ODIs and Tests formats.
  • Most runs in a calendar year for Virat Kohli 2768* (2017) across formats.
  • 3 200+ scores in a calendar year for Virat Kohli in 2016 & 2017.

​Rohit Sharma who was quietly watching his captain breaking the milestones he too joined the party as he got to his 8th test match 50 with a big SIX which went all the way into the stands.

India reached the 500 mark when Rohit Sharma got out edging the ball to the lower part of his bat he was not convinced with the umpires decision which was out, and took the review but the Snicko showed their was a clear edge on the bat and the on-field call stays.

Rohit Sharma departs for a well played 65(102) just before the stroke of Lunch.

Lunch: India were 500/5

Right after the lunch break Ashwin joined Kohli to continue the innings were the DRAMA has all began from the Sri Lankan bowlers.

Virat Kohli who was batting on 232* was nearing his highest score in test cricket and he got it their with a beautiful boundary with a drive over mid-off.

And Here Comes Yet an Another Milestone:

  • Virat Kohli recorded his highest score of 243 in test matches which was 237 his previous best score.

Chandimal who was worried for his bowler had a discussion with the match officials whether to continue to play or not, Both the umpires went onto discuss with David Boon who was the match referee on the microphone about the situation which was bizarre and happened for the first time in a cricket as Sri Lankan players were wearing the mask who was something weird but was a big concern as their was no Quality of Air on the ground which was hazardous.

Although with lots of discussion going around as both the team coaches had a word with the match official about the situations their was some hope of play getting resumed, But the Sri Lankan captain do not want to continue and the men that matter are asking them to get on with the game.

Kohli was literally angry with what was going on as we already lost about half an hour which was unusual without any rain or bad lights it’s just a DRAMA which was been played by Sri Lanka.

But after some lost of time umpire gave a call to the fielders and batsman to resume the play as it was OK to continue.

Soon after the resumption Ashwin got OUT! and India lost their 6th wicket for 519.

And their comes another interruption in play as Gamage was not feeling comfortable and he gestures to Chandimal that he can’t continue and walks back to the dressing room.

Virat Kohli was disturbed with those interruption which gave a paused to his innings as he was OUT! LBW by Sandakan for 243(287) which was nothing but a drop in concentration than anything else, Kohli was not happy with the way things have gone but he received a standing ovation for this splendid innings infront of his home crowd.

List of 200+ scores by Virat Kohli:

  • 200 vs West Indies in 2016 (India Won)
  • 211 vs New Zealand in 2016 (India Won)
  • 235 vs England in 2016 (India Won)
  • 204 vs Bangladesh in 2017 (India Won)
  • 213 vs Sri Lanka in 2017 (India Won)
  • 243 vs Sri Lanka in 2017*

Even Lakmal followed the same path he started to walk off the field with some reason which gathered umpires once again for another discussion but did not went for long as play did not stopped.

Here comes the CLIMAX:

Gamage, Lakmal and Sadeera who were off the field, Left Sri Lanka with only 10 players on the field which mean they need one more fielder to continue the play, And their comes another character Nick Pothas who is the head coach of Sri Lankan team has a word with umpires.

But Kohli has enough of these non sense which was going around him, he gestures his batsman to comes off the field which means he has given the signal for DECLARATION.

India declared their 1st innings at 536/7 which was a huge score and it was a good aggressive decision taken by the skipper Virat Kohli.

Kohli continued to show all his aggression on the field when they came to bowl and guess what Shami raised his captain’s aggression by getting a wicket of 1st ball of the Sri Lankan innings and their was a huge roar in the ground as Virat Kohli was animated with the wicket and his celebrations was all pumped up.

Sri Lanka were 0/1 in 0.1 overs.

What a Start to the innings that was by Shami, Game On! Now the pressure was back on Sri Lanka and Ishant Sharma extends the pressure which was building on Sri Lanka by dismissing De Silva for 1 which was plum infront of the wicket and that’s GONE! Lankans were 18/2 and trail by 518 runs.

Soon after the TEA break the pressure continued from the Indian bowlers as the chances have been created with some dropped catches in the slip which might be costly at times, Soon or later spinners were into the attack and Jadeja gave India the breakthrough which was need another LBW shout which was looked as not out with a naked eye and umpires call was not out as the batsman was long way down the track, but Jadeja was spot and convinced Virat Kohli to take the review.

And guess what the ball went onto crash the middle-stump with all three reds on the screen and the decision turns over that’s was not expected but it was OUT!

0.01m which gave Jadeja his wicket yes it was 2.99 m when batsman was down the pitch from stumps, If the batsman would have gone over 3m then it would have been umpire’s call, That’s a good review by Virat Kohli.

Sri Lanka were 75–3 when two experienced batsman Mathews and Chandimal were at the crease who managed to sustain their innings quite comfortably and continued to bat till the days play without losing any more wickets as umpires called it a close of DAY. Sri Lanka will resume their innings again tomorrow at 131/3 trail by 405 runs.

An eventful day of Test cricket with smog, masks, aggression and most importantly a Double Hundred from Virat Kohli which was incredible to watch this day will be remembered in History books and in the records of Feroz Shah Kotla Cricket Stadium.