Long Live Asshole Soccer Dad
Dan Conway

Thank you for writing this post!

#1: you are correct.

#2: I went to Amherst, so easy on the stereotype (having fun with you, as most of my friends fit your description).

#3: 6-year olds do not need anyone yelling at them for any reason during a sporting event (dangerous situations aside). Your point about the kids not even hearing the father is spot on.

#3: The ref (parent volunteer) needs an outlet, a plan, an advanced point of intervention — as do all parents, refs, those in attendance for people like ASD.

My lifelong quest is to communicate with ASDs and either set them right or set them free. Either way, there can be a positive from the negative. Whether it is letting the other parents know (the teams, the league, whomever involved) that behavior like that is not only useless and self-serving, but it is also a distraction to the peace, quiet and fun the kids are having.

SUGGESTION: Next time you see an ASD in action, take out your phone and video record his behavior. After the game, email the video to him — no comments needed. If he doesn’t get the point himself, nobody will be able to help him.

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