September 2016 Monthly Review +$550.00

In September, I bet a total of $5,400 and made a profit of $550.00 which is a 10.19% ROI. I placed 54 bets, 25 won and 29 lost with an average odd of 2.452.

The month started with an astonishing 8 wins out of 9 picks for a profit of $900.95. This is after that kind of run that you ask yourself if you should stop betting until the end of the month. Unfortunately it’s not possible to tell when the run is going to stop and it’s also possible that it will continue. I experienced several months with more than $1,000 in profit.

The month of September also marks the beginning of soccer picks. I already bet $1,500 on it. I am excited by soccer because last season I made a profit of $2,227.60 on 254 picks for a 8.77% ROI. For this season I fine tuned some systems, and the expected return should be around $3,865 (ROI: 15%) based on past performance. This is promising even if I know past performance is no guarantee of future results. In September soccer is already profitable with a return of $269 (ROI: 17.93%).

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September 2016 — Sports Picks System