Investing in Cryptocurrency Digital coins have evolved into cash cows that grant returns the likes of which are unprecedented in the financial markets. As you would expect, learning how to invest in cryptocurrency is one of the most beneficial decisions that every entrepreneur could make.

Buying crypto assets, however, is a field intertwined with technological advancements, online platforms, and many innovative systems. This gives birth to certain barriers to entry that may cause difficulty for the new investors.

Nevertheless, knowing some of the general rules could facilitate better choices and maximize the odds of profitability.

Defining the Vision

In order to invest successfully…

Are you expecting your first child? If you are, you will be thinking about all the baby essentials that will be needed in the months to come.

Things like clothes and nappies are obvious, but there are a number of essentials that can be easily overlooked.

To make it easy for you, here is a shopping list for some essentials that will be needed before the arrival of your newborn baby.


Babies need nappies. Prior to babies arrival have a think about whether you are going to use disposable or reusable nappies.

Whichever one you choose, invest in having a…

Content marketing is the future, and to achieve this, you need a content writer. But, what are some ways to create the best content marketing strategy for your business?

Well, read on to find out how to establish a content marketing strategy that will help you succeed as a content writer. Here, I will highlight ten strategies for you that are easy to implement and that will help streamline your content marketing process.

Source: This article first appeared on Mallee Blue Media

1. Set those Goals

Before you can have a successful content marketing campaign, you need a mission statement, and you need to…

The Psychology of colour in marketing has a long history. From MacDonald’s, “Make you feel Hungry”, red and yellow, to Pepsi’s, “All American you-can-trust-us for a good time”, colour and logo design, everybody is making choices every day based on colour and perception in marketing design.

Web design for a small business is no exception. Studies have shown that not only the site structure but also the colour and combination of patterns and colour affect consumer behaviour.

As a small business website owner, it pays to know how your web design colours impact your audience.

Do Colours Affect website Conversions and Sales?

How much thought do you…

Whether you’re just getting started with social media or looking for some actionable ways to enhance brand awareness, Instagram is one of the most popular and effective tools to boost your sales and skyrocket your business.

So here are the best, effective and profitable tips to begin incorporating into your Instagram marketing into a new small business enterprise.

Optimize Your Bio

Your Instagram bio is the first impression you make on your visitors. So it goes without saying that it needs to be more than good.

It needs to be straightforward, simple and engaging at the same time and with only 150 characters…

The EU devised General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), came into existence on the 25th of May 2018. It is a comprehensive policy and regulation that dictates the transmission and use of personal data belonging to people living and working in Europe.

The regulations covered personal data of almost every kind including a persons travel history, religious affiliation, internet search and history, their biometric data, their personal address, employer, credit cards and more.

The legislation and regulations are not only broad and sweeping they have also proved to be costly.

The immediate costs have to do with implementation and creation of…

Along with other burgeoning technologies and industrial advances, video technology and video production companies are among those things driving the economy forward in Dubai.

In terms of population, infrastructure and technology, Dubai has progressed perhaps further than any other region in the world in the last 20 years.

This is not only presented many challenges to the region but has led to incredible technological advances in a range of industries, not the least of which is the art and entertainment sector.

Dubai has made itself a global city and is fast becoming the global centre of art, entertainment and video…

Christmas is a holiday that is all about family, togetherness and giving to those who are less fortunate than you. A lot of people have forgotten this message, and they continue to let Christmas stress them out more than it should.

If you’re in a financially decent position in your life, there is no reason for you to ever be stressed about Christmas. Instead, you can use your position to do something positive for other people.

Experts have found that people who give to others during the Christmas holiday season will reduce their own stress levels tremendously. This “pay it…

Having been on both ends of the freelancer “stick”, as a Professional marketing service and also as someone looking to gain new clients in my early days as a freelancer, my two most important takeaways for any freelancer in any industry would be this.

Be Totally Transparent

No stock answers, no stock letters and no jargon. Tell your prospect what you can do and be totally honest about what you can’t do. I have had to sack a number of clients in my life and many of those sacking wasn’t their fault — they were mine.

I wanted the work…

David Trounce

David is a writer and publisher who lives in Australia and also writes for, GrowMap and Born2Invest.

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