Best of the Books I read #1: “Wat en Hoe in Contentstrategie” by John Verhoeven by René van der Hoofd

To be clear: this is not a traditional book review. My goal is to take the highlights of the (marketing) books I read, their most valuable lessons, and share them together with my thoughts.

Now, for the highlight. I like how Verhoeven doesn’t just go straight to tips & tricks and ways of crafting content, but rather gives you paradigms on how to think about content. …

For the past 10 years, I happily worked as an advertising copywriter on large, sometimes global brands like Heineken, McDonald’s, Vodafone and the Dutch Olympic team. I saw the results of my work in the streets, on tv and on beer cans around the world. Marketing cryptocurrency didn’t enter my mind. But I have been doing exactly that, for the past 5 months. Nevermind how this turn of events occured, suffice to say that I have been enjoying it immensely and learned a lot. About 5 months in, this is what strikes me so far.

You learn or you leave

The first thing is the learning curve when entering the arena of blockchain technology. …

New stars join the team

Those of you who follow us, or have seen us in person, will recognize the faces of our CEO Tim, Ambassador Andrew and CSO Sean. They have spoken at numerous events all over the world. Now we can add a new star to our line-up: our Armenian country manager Anait Ambartsumyan. At “Blockchain day: Going through ICO — steps & insights” in Yerevan, Armenia, Anait did what we knew she would: rock the stage.

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Armenia Country manager Anait Ambartsumyan

Anait drove home the point that ICOs are serious business: “It’s a game for adults, where you need careful plan and lay out your next steps in a roadmap. Find the right away to stand out and communicate clearly and honestly with your community, because they are what matters most — and they will check up on you all the time.” …


René van der Hoofd

Freelance creative director/ copywriter / content creator / ICO communications adviser. Check out my advertising work on

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