“What is a design sprint and how do they work?” you ask. I had the same questions before my first foray into the sprinting world. So if you are uncertain about what service design approaches can really unlock for your company, this blog is for you — come and dip your toe in with me…

Is the sharing economy a lot of hot air?

How has the Airbnb effect impacted long term renting, communities, and tourism?

Ben Logan

Who gets left out in user-centred design?

How we worked with Saint-Gobain to facilitate the design of more liveable, enjoyable spaces

What service design can learn from (good) graphic design

When it comes to ethnography, clients can unknowingly interfere with the collection of reliable data. Learn the best ways to run ethnographic research when you have clients present.


Spotless are a London-based Service Design agency situated in the heart of the thriving digital district in Shoreditch. https://www.spotless.co.uk/

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