Writing Tip of the Day!

Hello again. Today’s topic is “Never Stop Fighting.”

I want to tell you a little story. I’m currently on about 10 projects. They vary from freelancing gigs, to customer retention, to acquiring pre-orders for my new book, to writing blog posts for others, to keeping my website’s traffic up. Yesterday, I got kicked in the teeth with all of it. No conversions, 7 hits on the website (my lowest score in months), next to 0 engagements on my youtube channel (yeah, I’m doing these tips there, too), beta’s for my monster story aren’t coming back… Just to sum it up, yesterday was a disaster for me.

So, you know what I’m doing? I’m getting up today and doing it all over. I’m writing this tip for you, because I want to put one out every day. Yesterday did come with a silver lining. I got one comment on a video, thanking me for the pep talk, and claiming that the user immediately shut off the internet and got 1000 words down. That’s why I’m doing all of this. If it helps one person, that gives me motivation enough to continue.

If you are working on short stories, and there’s one person in your life that likes reading them, then keep writing them.

If you are working on a novel, the world needs your book, and we need you to finish the draft, the current editing phase, or whatever else to get you one step closer to either releasing it, or starting on the next one.

Building a house? Put up some drywall.

Whatever it takes. Camp NaNo is almost a week in, and the pressure is on. Maybe you haven’t hit your goals, maybe the story is slowing. Now isn’t the time to give up, it’s time to stick. The harder it gets, the more you need to stick. The spoils of war don’t always go to the biggest army, but the most persistent soldiers. Keep fighting, keep writing, and use today to get you back on track. Creativity is a war, and even if yesterday was a lost battle, you get up, rally your troops, and fight the next battle, and win.