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Today marks 5 years after quitting my full-time job and starting my own design consultancy. I made the leap into creative independence. And it was as exciting as it was terrifying. Yes, I willingly left a comfortable, sufficiently paid, leadership role at an agency to pursue freelance. Being my own boss. Controlling my own schedule. Starting something new. Learning all new things. Growing. Being scared again. Being hungry again.

It only makes sense for me to update my observations from my original post:

Things I’ve observed so far (after 5 years)

1. Today’s design needs more cross functional thinkers

There is a sea of sameness happening right now and I’m ready to see the evolution of…

Starting a new business can be daunting, but having the right tools makes all the difference. These are the necessary things that should eliminate headaches, not create new ones. When I started Poulos Collective last year, I spent a lot of time making sure I surrounded myself with the right tools that allowed me to operate as a streamlined business while keeping my monthly costs as low as possible.

Having a small team with limited resources doesn’t mean you can’t operate with the professionalism of a larger company.

For context, my company is a creative consultancy and partner network. So…

How quitting my full-time job and starting a new company literally led me to the top of a mountain.

In the corporate world, you are trained to be rewarded with recognition, monetary things and sometimes verbal approval. Prior to this, my career in advertising was a typical one filled with all the familiar elements — great work, commutes, office spaces, never-ending brainstorms, photo shoots, fire drills, 401(k)s, ping pong tables and last-minute changes. It truly is a love-hate relationship. And I couldn’t believe I got paid to do what I love. Advertising is an industry that I am lucky to work in and that I owe much to.

I decided to leave it all behind in a search for…

Stefan Poulos

Founder and Designer at Poulos Collective, a creative company and partner network specializing in digital product design and experiences.

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