Tips for Pest-Free Rentals from the Best Murrieta Property Management

Tips for Pest-Free Rentals from the Best Murrieta Property Management

Keeping Murrieta CA homes for rent pest-free is truly important. It keeps both the landlords and the tenants happy, because really, who likes pests? Here are a few tips for both renters and property owners shared by the best Murrieta property management company that can help rentals remain pest-free.

· Get rid of possible target food

You must understand that pests are there mainly to eat. If you know that there are exposed sources for their food and water, remember to store those properly. This doesn’t just include human food but also pet food that is a sure magnet for pests.

· Manage trash properly

Containers for trash must be neat and tightly sealed to avoid attracting rodents, roaches, ants and other pests. Have regular schedules in cleaning them. This goes for trash bins both inside and outside the house.

· Do not keep stagnant water

Mosquitoes easily multiply when you have stagnant water around. Make sure you regularly check for this. If you know that mosquitoes are present in the neighborhood, invest in screened windows and doors to keep them out. A well maintained rental by the #1 local property management company in Murrieta CA is less likely to have such issues.

· Eliminate openings and entryways for pests

Cracks, gaps, and crevices in roofs, walls, chimneys, water heater pipes and plumbing, dryer vents and foundations can be the number one reason for pests in your home. Do not underestimate these little creepy crawlies as they can fit through the smallest gaps without you ever noticing. To avoid this from happening, have the home inspected and then eliminate the gaps as soon as possible.

When doing so, be careful of trapping critters inside your home. Follow these 3 simple rules: Find out where they entered, trap them, then seal the entryway. If you know you can’t do it alone, don’t hesitate to get professional help. Talk to your Murrieta CA property manager as soon as possible to help you plan this out.

· Keep possible pest access clear

Termites often get in the home when wood is in contact with soil or when your foundation has a crack. Ants on the other hand can pass through tree branches that touch your roof or home. Keep them away by getting rid of entry points.

· Have regular cleaning and inspection

Prevention is always better than a cure, even in pest control. So before these unwanted guests come, start organizing your cleaning and maintenance activities. Head over to to understand how property managers can help you take good care of your property so as to keep pests away.

If you are having problems with pests in your home, talk to you property managers from the best Murrieta Property management at once so you can be informed of the best plan of action. This is a serious problem so don’t think twice.

Have an expert Murrieta CA property manager by your side and you are sure to have less problems. Call me, Sidney Kutchuck, today at 951–217–6745 or send an email at