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March 17 2016

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Posted on behalf of SPREAD, NID and India Design Council

Design Open in conjunction with the India Design Mark 2016 Bangalore was a powerful event that brought together innovators, technologists, speakers,
panelists, entrepreneurs, students, and designers in a heady celebration of the art and science of design.

Design Open 2016 Bangalore, was organised on the 5th and 6th of March by SPREAD Design in collaboration with the India Design Council and the National Institute of Design. Celebrating design at the intersection of business, technology, and innovation, the event saw 3000+ registrations and the participation of 2500+ people with two days of heady talks, presentations, design dates and workshops, at the JN Tata Auditorium, Bangalore.

Prior to the event, its website was created by the SPREAD tech team. Emailers, posts on social media groups and blog posts about the event followed with people sharing, tweeting and tagging themselves on the Design Open Facebook page.

Times of India, one of the nation’s leading news dailies, published elaborate advertisements on the 4th and 5th of March leading up to the event.

As a result , there was a fantastic rush for registrations and Design Open,
a free and open event, was booked up within the first week of its announcement.

2 Days / 10 Workshops /40+speakers
2500+ Participants/ 3000+ Registrations
7500+ Footfalls
Talks / Design Workshops / Presentations / Design Showcases / Good Design Seminar India Design Mark Exhibition
Good Design Product Showcase (Japan)
Taiwan International Student Design Competition Showcase

The day started with the Welcome Address by Ms. Sonia Manchanda, Founding Partner, SPREAD Design and Learning, Bangalore. Speaking on how the future is being prototyped at the present moment, she raised important points on how start-ups can better design their brands and experiences, how design embraces new technology, and why design is important for students.

This was followed by the Opening Address by Prof. Pradyumna Vyas,
Director, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and Member Secretary India Design Council who highlighted the huge lack in the numbers of designers, only 10000 in a population of 1.2 billion in India, and how much of a scope that presents to us for the future. He also spoke about how design has been at the core of our 5000-year old rich heritage.

Next, Mr. Hrridaysh Deshpande, Consultant Advisor, India Design Council,
presented the Vote of Thanks. On a lighter note, he debated with
Prof. Vyas about organising India Design Mark 2017 in Mumbai or Chennai.

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The first panel for Design Leap, was a discussion on Design for Startups, moderated by Sonia. The panel comprised of Mr. Umakant Soni/Venture Investor at Stealth, Bangalore, Gita Ramanan and Shezan Bhojani/
Co-founders at Design Cafe, Bangalore, Mr. Tanay Kumar/CEO of Fractal Ink, Mumbai, and Mr. Shivakumar Viswanathan/Executive Director at Brand Union, Bangalore. The panelists discussed how design enables the building of beautiful customer experiences. Following the discussion, the panel was opened up for questions.

The second panel on Creative Enterprises was moderated by Mr. Umakant Soni with Mr. Abhijit Bansod/Founder and Creative Director, Studio ABD, Bangalore, Ms. Annabelle M Viegas/Founding Partner, Think Happy Everyday, Bangalore, Mr. Amit Mirchandani/Managing Director Lucid + Design Director, Concrete Labs, Bangalore, Mr. Sandeep Sangaru/Founder, Sangaru Design Objects, Bangalore, Mr. Karthik Vaidyanathan/Founder, Varnam, Bangalore, and Ms. Joyce Hostyn/Design Catalyst, Canada. The panelists discussed the potential of design as a core factor in creating amazing work cultures. Following this, the panelists took questions from the audience.

The final panel for the day was on Disruptive Change that aimed at uncovering how design is being used as a tool of change to solve complex problems. Moderated by Mr. Hrridayash Deshpande, the panelists comprised of Mr. Vivek Rajkumar/CEO & Co Founder, Airwood, Chennai, Mr. Karma Bhutia/Design Leader, Honeywell, Bangalore, Mr. Vipul Mishra/Founder, CanvasFlip, Hyderabad, and Mr. Ranjan Malik/Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Storm the Norm Ventures, Bangalore.

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The panels ended in a lot of cheer from the audience.

A highlight and crowd puller at the event was the SPREAD Stall. SPREAD’s technical director Yashwanth M and his team showcased the motion controlled human-computer interface technology that SPREAD has developed in-house. Design came alive with the Virtual Reality / VR application and became an exciting, immersive and futuristic experience that local students and even international visitors enjoyed.

Post lunch, Bangalore based start-up Team Indus, who call themselves India’s Most Audacious Startup, presented their Million to Moon idea. They demonstrated the Moon Rover robot amidst great excitement and attention from the participants.

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Day 1 came to a closure with a number of creative workshops that saw participation in huge numbers and immense enthusiasm. The workshops included Creative Disruption Game by Sonia Manchanda and Delmo Oliveira, SPREAD, Digital Experience Design Paper Prototyping by Tanay Kumar, Fractal Ink, and Rapid Prototyping by Joyce Hostyn and Yashwanth M, SPREAD. Tanay’s workshop and presentation were both special and noteworthy!

Over a 1000 participants, mostly students and start-ups participated in the workshops with fantastic levels of engagement .


An invigorating opening session on Interaction Design by Dr. Akash Rose Director / National Institute of Creative Communication, Bangalore and
Mr. Arjun Chetna/Partner/Designer at WINK, Bangalore, who spoke on
how design is reshaping human computer interaction and redefining communication.

A session on Innovation and Design followed, with Prof. Shashank Mehta / Faculty, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad throwing light on how design is being leveraged by businesses to solve complex problems and generate innovative solutions.

The next session was on Communication and Graphic Design, with
Ms. Aleksandra Rose/Dean, National Institute of Creative Communication, Bangalore and Ms. Nijoo Dubey/National Institute of Design, Bangalore, coming together to emphasise how graphic design translates simple ideas to tangible outputs. A rapid question/answer session followed, leaving the audience, mostly students and entrepreneurs, visibly thrilled.

The day progressed with more sessions, more questions and more creative ideas flowing. The session on Product Design, presided by Dr. Amaresh Chakrabarti Chairman, CPDM, IISC, Bangalore and Prof. Janak Mistry/Dean, Business Strategy and System Design, Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore, explored how product design creates unique artefacts thus affecting our daily experiences.

The final session was on Urban Design. Mr. Prashant Dhawan and Mrs. Seema Anand/Co-founders, Biomimicry India, Bangalore and Mr. Vinil Ratnakaran Founder, Aquaponics Bangalore came together to speak on how urban design is leveraging biomimicry and other practices in shaping the world of tomorrow.

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The high footfall at the event required a change in auditoriums. The 120 seater hall was soon packed and the sessions had to be shifted to a 750 seater auditorium at the same venue. This too, was filled up in no time, that too on a Sunday morning! Day 2 ended in engaging workshops such as Where Good Ideas Come From by Ms. Annabelle Viegas and team / Think Happy Everyday, Graphic Design Blind Date by Ms. Mandira Naidoo, Design Experimenter / SPREAD Learning and Learn to Make Your Miniponics by Mr. Vinil Ratnakaran, Aquaponics.

The Graphic Design workshop saw participants deconstructing the Mona Lisa, while the Aquaponics workshop left everyone intrigued at the potential of Biomimicry in creating sustainable urban design systems.

The National Institute of Design had also organised workshops on crafting with Bamboo and Gamification that saw participation in huge numbers.

India Design Mark 2016

The India Design Mark is an annual open national exhibition and award for products organised by the Indian Design Council in cooperation with Good Design Award, Japan. It is a design standard, a seal of excellence and good design, which is given after careful scrutiny of the product’s usability, durability, aesthetics and social responsibility. It is India’s premier design exhibition.
This year the jury process for the India Design Mark took place at the JN Tata Auditorium, Bangalore, on 3rd and 4th March, while the exhibition was open on 5th and 6th March. The exhibition also included exhibits from Japan as well as a student design showcase from Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2015.

An eminent jury comprising of Prof. Pradyumna Vyas/Director, The National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Mr. Hrridaysh Deshpande/Consultant Advisor, India Design Council, Mr. Satish Gokhale/Design Directions, Dr. Amaresh Chakrabarti/Chairman, CPDM, IISC, Mr. Suresh Sethi/Vice President, Whirlpool Design Asia, Dr. Gabriela Christen/Dean Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Mr. Takuya Kawagoi/Head, Sony Design Centre Asia, Mr. Ranjan Malik/Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Storm the Norm Ventures, Bangalore, Mr. Abhijit Bansod/Co-founder Studio ABD, Bangalore, Dr. Bibhudutta Baral Centre Head, R&D Campus, NID Bangalore, Ms. Sonia Manchanda/Founding Partner, SPREAD Design and Learning, Bangalore, Ms. Makiko Tsumura Manager, International relations, Japan Institute of Design Promotion, Mr. Ravi Gururaj/Serial Entrepreneur, Bangalore, Mr. Ashish Deshpande/Cofounder, Elephant, and Mr. Ravi Shankar/Head, Universal Design, selected the winning entries after a day and a half of examination of the products, discussions with the designers and deliberations amongst themselves.

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3rd march started with the India Design Mark jury coming to judge the of India Design Mark Product Showcase. On the 4th March, the exhibition culminated into the Good Design Seminar. The I-Mark recipients were announced and the Good Design Exhibition was declared open to the public.

The Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2015 exhibit was promoted through all the collaterals for India Design Mark such as invitation cards, posters, banners and displays at the venue. The event was explicitly advertised with the mention of the TISDC exhibit in the web and print advertisements on various mediums including the Times of India that has the highest circulation in the country. There was an excellent interest amongst students about the TISDC and many of them were enquiring about how to enter this competition, etc. This exhibition will surely help to receive more participation from India to TISDC 2016. All the visitors appreciated the exhibits.

Day 2 of India Design Mark concluded with the Good Design Seminar, a seminar with talks on the attributes of good design by Design Experts and the award ceremony for India Design Mark, by invite-only. This was followed by a dinner kept in honour of the I-Mark Jury, organised by the India Design Council at The Gold Finch Hotels, Bangalore.
Design Open 2016 was indeed a thrilling journey that explored the potential of Design as a game changer, a creative catalyst. It opened up how the next generation will learn, create and consume, what are the emerging behaviours,cultures, and paradigms, and how we can open up new possibilities with Design.

With over 2500+ participants and 40+ Speakers, Panelists and Workshop facilitators it was a surprise success in a city that possibly has a huge appetite for design. Design Open ended on a very positive note, celebrating the spirit and role of Design in today’s context.

We at SPREAD look forward to Design Open 2017.

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