Life is sport. Sport is life. #Zevenway

Over 2 years of building, many months of thinking and designing, several days of playing with ideas, colours and forms. SPREAD has scored a goal for India along with team ZEVEN, by creating the brand strategy and brand design for a sport revolution that will make a Billion in India play!

A revolution that includes the young and active of all ages. A revolution that harnesses the inherent passion of all Indians. A revolution that makes sports the only way of life. And a brand that will make us all eat, breathe, sleep, play!

Zeven brand thinking: Sport is where raw gets refined. Sport is where discipline meets colour. Sport is where brilliance gets consistent. Sport is where class consciousness becomes classlessness. Sport is where skill meets technology. Sport is where local becomes international. Sport is where performance and success find a new meaning.

Creating a brand with a global body and an Indian spirit that is the catalyst for sport and inspires a sports lifestyle or the #Zevenway in the country.

Thank you Hemu Zhaveri for inspiring us, believing in us. For giving us the opportunity to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey. We are so very inspired by your sheer energy, resilience and your ability to pull it all together into one powerful force. This is the best thing we have ever been a part of and the work that you are doing can only come from a truly brilliant mind! Thank you Team Zeven for the play dates; for letting us play on your side!

The logo is inspired by a combination of: The Devanagiri 7, that has a sweep and a curve. The idea of energy uncoiling and unfurling within. Like a spiral galaxy with an energetic centre and the arms of matter spreading out. The idea of the body becoming a well honed weapon, ready for the moment. A seven pointed shuriken, with a lot of control but not without an edge. The Zeven Chakri — the spirit of sport: constantly moving, sharpening and performing. Power within that shows results quietly outside.

The logotype is modern and yet timeless. Centered and Balanced. The logotype is a modified version of the Calibri typeface in it’s bold weight. The form of the letter ’n’ has been modified by the removal of the bar along with the editing of the counterform.