Would you care for the opportunity to give suggestions and help possibly thousands of potential users?

Our dream is to help people to be more successful with their online content. To make this a reality we need constructive feedback, so that we can improve the product and make it more useful.
We are building a marketing tool, where you can spread links on social media and can get a large social reach for free. This is why we are programming a platform where you can submit your link and have it spreaded.

Now let’s dive into this function, which we call “Spread It”. Simply stated, a user can submit a link and have it simultaneously shared from a certain amount of users.

The user can choose how many people he wants to set as a goal. Once he has enough supporters the link will be shared on all the social media accounts from the supporters.

But he has a maximum of 10 days to reach his goal. If he has not enough supporters by that time, the link will be deleted. This way you can create a so-called “Roadblock Effect” and make your link go viral.

I know you are all very busy, but please keep in mind that by simply typing your thoughts, you will be helping possibly thousands of people.

Thank you so much for your time.


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