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It is said that having determination goes a long way, and Juan Camilo Gonzalez is no exception. Admiring the performance arts like acting, singing, and dancing, JC, as his fans like to call him “ He knew what he wanted in life at a very young age” with passion, dedication, and hard work, JC Gonzalez wants to bring something different to the world- a message that surpasses the fame and glory of the entertainment world. He wants to speak music into existence, and that what makes him different.

Humble Beginnings

JC is a bilingual actor, dancer, singer, and song writer. JC ‘s roots are a blend of two cultures. JC was born in Bogota, Colombia. He and his family moved to Houston, Texas when he was just 7 years old in search for a life-saving medical treatment for his younger brother, Danny, who was born with a rare muscular disease (Arthogryposis Multiplex Congenita AMC). even at a younger age, JC did everything he could to help his little brother and family surpass the hardships of living in a whole new country. With no other relatives, JC and his family could only rely on themselves, but they were surrounded by other immigrant families that all had the same end goal: Achieving the american dream. JC saw the struggles his parents faced: adapting to a different country, struggling to learn the language, the financial burden of the medical treatments for his little brother. But JC and his family pushed on. JC’s father eventually grew professional in the Architecture field. Most importantly, aside from all the difficulties, JC was able to grow in a loving family that Nurtured his dreams. They are not only his family, they were also his fans, friends, and team. “ they are the reason why i want to achieve what i want to achieve” says JC and he means it. The doctors has explained to the family that there was no treatment that would allow Daniel to function independently. But with the Sacrifice of his parents and siblings and their own effort, after Surgery and a life-time in therapies, Today Daniel lives running, dancing at ease and helping JC when his studies allow. This particular story is what prompted JC to follow his dream. JC, Knew that to be successful in being a musician and an actor will not be easy, and that competition is huge. But just as he understands that only through his artistic development, he will experience life to the full and make the most of it. As an artist JC continues to grow daily. He grew with his music, and his music grew with it. JC understands that the music scene is constantly evolving and it is very clear. “ the only thing that does not change with life is change,” JC said, “ Only i have to define where i want to go, take a step at a time… and enjoy the viewJC is currently living in Los Angeles, California. Working and developing his skills in the entertainment industry. Aside from his artistic interests, JC enjoys spending time with his friends and family, maintaining a healthy lifestyle at the gym, and keeping up with NFL.


Of course his cultural background only inspired JC to dream big. Gonzalez began his acting career in television commercials in Texas after graduating from high school, Gonzalez moved to Los Angeles where he began working in commercials and television series. He had done television commercials for Ford, Honda and AT&T. JC moved to Los Angeles and came across the opportunity to audition for the MTV reality show, “Making Menudo” a competition that would recreate the famed Spanish boy band Menudo. He did not make the cut, and so he began dance lessons and auditioned again in Dallas. in Dallas, he was selected by the Puerto rican singer Luis Fonsi and the radio announcer Daniel Luna as one of twenty-five participants who would go to New York city where they will film in the “Road to menudo” series. Gonzalez was one of 15 from this group to move to the show Making Menudo. Aside from the singing and dancing training JC received during his time in “Making Menudo”, he also learned not to let the criticism faze him and to push himself to his limits.

JC’s time in “Making Menudo”provided him with the experience needed to start his career as a music artist… During his time there, JC was trained five months by the producer Johnny Wright, who has previously worked with Justin timberlake, Calle 13, and Lil Wayne, but he does not want to mimic or compete with anyone, because he believes that every artist has different ideas and sounds to bring to the world. JC wants his songs to deliver his message to both American and Latin worlds. His love for art and expression, his respect for life, his devotion to the thousands of immigrants that helped shaping this country are what influences JC to make his songs unique and inspiring. JC has already released his first album “AwakIN”, which was completely self-composed and written. He described his debut album as an “ awakening of the soul. but JC has not stopped there. in addition, he recently released a new EP, “ 2 MoonS”which represent the fusion of two-cultures-of two different stories that helped JC see the american and Latin music in a whole new way.The album will have songs in both English and Spanish. JC explains that while in his teens in the United States gave in to American pop and rap, “there is something that happens when i put good vallenato and cumbia or merengue … I do not know how to explain. It’s like my whole body was designed for that kind of rhythm and flavor.” This has led him to understand art in two languages ​​and to develop their ability to express both their native language and in his adopted language. Gonzalez has recorded original material as well as a remix of the song “El pedron” by Enrique Iglesias and Nicky Jam. As of 2016, Gonzalez was preparing his debut solo album, titled AwakIn, which is set to feature songs in English and Spanish with a mix of Latin rhythms and American rap and pop

“I am happy with what I do,” JC states, “I enjoy it and for me it is not a job.”

However, not only does JC sing, he also dances, raps, and is an actor. JC started small, by participating in plays and local TV commercials during high school. After moving to Los Angeles, JC had the opportunity to make appearances in networks such as Disney, NBC, Nickelodeon, ABC and MTV. He even had the opportunity to work alongside Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari in the popular show “Parks and Recreation.” During recording, JC had the opportunity to work with Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari. JC’s working with such artists will reinforce his desire to become a professional artist. “As a surgeon or an astronaut, train and practice their art over and over again to practice in their profession and able to do their work,” says JC. “At that moment I knew I wanted to do with my life and it was worth the effort.”

In 2010, Gonzalez played the lead role in the video for Kaya Rosenthal (Can’t get you out of my mind). Gonzalez has also appeared in Locked up Abroad ,Hard Times, How To Rock, and Parenthood. In 2010, Gonzalez played a role on Victorious in the episode (Survival Of The Hottest) Gonzalez worked with Ariana Grande in a role of her love interest in Victorious episode Survival of the Hottest.


What makes JC’s story so inspirational is the love and dedication he has towards those he cares about. In 2014, JC received the devastating news that his father was diagnosed with cancer. Immediately, JC left everything behind in Los Angeles to move back to his hometown of Sugar Land, Texas. There, he took care of his father, meeting his every need, and most importantly, giving support to his family in such a difficult time. JC stayed with his father until he finished his medical treatments and was feeling better enough to be on his own. During his stay, JC did not put his career on hold. He continued to work on his music, writing new songs and creating melodies that would be ready once he returned to California.


JC has strived and is constantly striving to deliver his messages to the world, both through his music as well as his acting. The resilience of JC consists of always staying positive in order to keep advancing in both the acting and musical worlds. JC is aware that success may or may not come, but he must stay enthusiastic towards the future, and simply keep moving forward with patience and perseverance. They say that The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so do not be Afraid or Hesitant to take this first step.

JC’s hard work is a reflection of his passion and emotions, and JC wants everyone to be able to enjoy his music- young or old, English-speaking or Spanish-speaking. He is not afraid to admit that he has not accomplished his goals yet. In fact, he would be more ashamed to admit that he never even tried.

“Have the sacrifices been worthwhile?” JC asks himself. “I won’t know until I keep climbing the ladder of my artistic career.”

Now, JC wants to achieve his goals because he wants to show the world that being an artist can contribute and change aspects of one’s self and that each and every person should be determined to better his or her culture. JC questioned himself many times if whether or not he had the talent to be an actor or if he was capable of creating a song that could reach people. Nevertheless, he realized that what was most important was to have the fortitude to fight for what made him feel complete. Only time will tell what the future holds for this young artist filled with passion and dedication for his career in music and acting. Only the future belong to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams.

“Será que este párrafo sobre un comentario de este periodista donde comenta sobre algunos retos que JC ha debido alcanzar trabajando sobre sus habilidades? Hoy por Hoy JC ha ido moldeando su cuerpo y su espíritu trabajando y avanzando en sus nuevos sueños”

At the Houston Chronicle, Joey Guerra (2007) explained in his article about JC’s participation in Making Menudo: “don’t get very worried about things. I’m not a person that stresses over much. I know what I have to do, and I just tell myself I’m going to do it,” he said.

In the same article, Guerra wrote: “But González doesn’t seem fazed by the criticism. If anything, it pushes him to prove he’s worthy of a final slot.” JC knows his capacity to work very hard[1] … Today JC has shaped his body and spirit working and advancing in their new dreams.

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