A New Tomorrow

Washing away my seasoned deliberations,

I reminisced on my fallen alterations;

Life moved on with it’s daily bustle

But until it was subject to blemish,

It arrived and seeped in through every crevice.

I knew not what it was for it had no form,

But it had a presence that took me by a storm.

I could see it in the destitute’s shining eyes,

I could feel it with the setting sun;

But what I felt certain of was that it had the power to get my misdemeanours redone.

It told me that I could be the irridescent light of the moon on a cloudy night;

I could be that spider in Solomon’s cave who dared put up a last fight,

I could be the tree still standing when the forest fire leaves all desires wore;

I could be every human who pushed themselves to be more.

It infiltrated me with a power no less than Samson’s strength;

I perceived it to be a ray of light breaking away from a darkness so intense,

When my sky was overcast with nothing but sorrow;

It had been Hope that helped me dream of a new tomorrow.