The Man in the Woods
California Sunday

After reading your article I sat here not knowing what to do, and crying.

Then I read the comments at the end and felt even sadder, and cried harder. Through tears I write this and sadly, it’s not a story.

Your story is brilliant, well written and if not true, feels so life like real I couldn’t help but associate with it.

Mental illness runs in my family. I realize it runs in most and in mine, until a traumatizing situation happened and expected to be dealt with; we had no idea.

It causes so many to self medicate searching for the normal most of us are blessed with and they do it silently because asking for help means either they know they have a problem, most don’t they just know they feel different; or have been diagnosed and poorly managed. Sadly, the outcome of this, in our experience; was the birth of an addict

Thank you for writing this with the feeling it deserves.