Why isn’t this argument and disgust geared towards the likes of Matthew McConaughey or Tom Cruise or even Ben Affleck. Not to mention Matt Damon.
Renee Zellweger Broke the Law By Getting Older
Ezinne Ukoha

because their doctors were better? the changes not so noticeable?

…yes, men do the same things women do and all women in Hollywood use anything available to stay young…so did I so…but she changed what she looked like drasticly…not just a fresh up..and that is what shocked people, not that she used botox, not that she got pulled tighter, not that she thinned her nose…she looks completely different to some.

it makes people uncomfortable to see others who admit they don’t like what the see so they are going to change for themselves and no one else.

Renee did that…changed for herself and it makes people uncomfortable so they degrade, demean and intimidate…the American way…one day we will evolve and accept….

but not yet…we are not mature enough to allow that…

I love Renee and the way she looks…then and now…but I am one of those women who thinks a touch up here and there are good for the soul and I don’t fucking care what others think…

my 42 year old daughter says I lost my filter with menopause…nope, I just found my courage….

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