White America, The Floor Is Yours
Keenen McMurray

I am not up with social media, in fact I deleted Facebook years ago and refuse to be part of the twitter idiots….I had to go look for this article and I have to say I couldn’t agree with you more…but I need to ask, what are you doing to change the status quo?

I am a white woman, 63 years old. Nine years ago, sitting at home 8:45am I was arrested. For the 30 days leading up to my arrest I had been recuperating from a major foot surgery and was just getting off the crutches but still needed one to just take part of the weight to lighten the pain. I hadn’t left my home since the surgery and I had never broke the law…my son had…not me…my son was not there, I was.

They yell “are you resisting”, “gun”, “he’s running”…any number of law breaking statement to justify their actions for the bystanders who are not actually watching, filming but within ear shot…don’t forget, the civilians haven’t been armed with cameras all that long…no one had one at my arrest…

…but he did yell “are you resisting, are you resisting?”….over and over again…

ALL police departments are corrupt…ALL OF THEM….no exceptions.

Most of the officers in them come into the business innocent enough but it does not take long before they must decide to break the law to be the law or leave and keep the FUCK quiet…

Ever hear about “code of blue”?…It’s fucking real, if you know any one who quit the department and the career and willing to talk about it…ask them…

I sued in federal court because my arresting officer was a state trooper the state justice system said they couldn’t be considered fair. I found out no justice system can be fair with a cop as the defendant. They find reason to not take the case but when they MUST they find reason not to convict…my judge kicked out his record, which included MANY complaints of “unnecessary actions taken against a citizen”…the judge said to include it would be too prejudicial to the officer in question…isn’t that the issue…he needs to be seen for who he really is, just not in this judges courtroom.

I know your complaint here is about black injustice and I do agree, your culture has been abused for centuries and I have never been able to understand why just one difference can make so many fear the unknown….one difference, the color of your skin…nothing else.

How did it start?

I do need to ask though how DO WE change it…WE…for everyone, regardless of the color of our skin….WE…

If you would allow me to, I’d like to state a few observations I have witnessed in my 63 years.

My mother was Italian and had felt some of the hate from her in laws because she was not of the “ginger” line my father’s family carries on from the Mayflower relatives…her dark hair, eyes and skin was not of their liking. I met my father’s family for the first time at the age of 57, my mother couldn’t make them accept her so she kept her children from them. After meeting them I understood her thinking perfectly clear….all of us look like mom, dark. Not as dark as you mind you…I do understand being Italian is not being black, in my father’s family she was dark enough.

I think because of my mother, my father never resisted my friendships out loud and because of that, as a child I never felt the differences our families were dealing with daily and I believe that is why I love my neighbors until given a reason not to…by them…not by someone like them.

I don’t hold an entire culture responsible for the actions of one and that is where I feel we fall very short as a country…

….look like me or be hated by me….

shallow, we are a shallow nation and from where we came HOW did we get here?

How? Well it still comes down to fear, greed and superiority…and someone somewhere told old white men they were privileged and had a right to own anything not an old white man…including white women, old or young.

How do we get this all changed? Who steps up and says “we have had enough and we are not going to allow this any longer”…Who needs to be the one?


Every single one of us needs to say…no more old white men…



Old white men run this country because they run for office and they get voted in and we…THE PEOPLE…allow them to stay in office for decades….a 4 year term is what they run for…4 fucking years…and they stay for decades…

They set the laws, they tell us what is going to run our lives and because we are lazy and because many don’t feel they have what it takes to run for office we let them stay there and not do what we hire them to do….take care of us….

You want to make changes? Every 4 years you have that chance to do that.

Run for office in your home town, begin at the local level or don’t. If you are a US citizen, if you are not a felon, if you are 18 or older you have a say…are you doing all YOU can?

I am using “YOU” as if I am saying you, the author; need to do all of this but I am truly using you as you and me and anyone reading this…us, we, everyone needs to take responsibility…all of us are to blame also because we talk about it but really? what are WE doing.

I am not doing all I can…I am not. I have been diagnosed with PTSD caused by my arrest and even had to submit myself to “clinical rehab” which was being objected to officers in uniform in an enclosed, controlled (they controlled) place…the first time I fainted, the next time I panicked and ran, the next time I didn’t go…a no show and a no call ever again….the fight or flight of it all…until all of this my PTSD was in my head and not real in the states attorneys eyes. So I go out now only with someone else and I drive about 10 miles a month…to the store and back 3 miles from my home, no…I am not doing all I can but I do vote. for more than 40 years I drove more than 1000 miles a week, one of my jobs was outside sales, now I am lucky to make it the grocery and it takes me days to work up to going…fear…and our boys and girls in uniform put that fear deep inside me. I know why it is there and I know it’s my thinking keeping it there but show me a cop with a tag that says I a good one and maybe my fear might subside…they don’t wear tags like that, my fear is my shield of safty…it ain’t going nowhere…

But I vote and this year I am voting for women…for every available office and open for a new butt in the chair…maybe that’s a start. I certainly hope so, I am a woman and a mother, I didn’t give birth to my children for some old white privileged man to send to war and get them killed and keep their kids home and safe…FUCK that, put a woman in the office who has a kid…maybe they will come to terms at the table not in the battle field….we need more people of any color in public office, we need more women we need to tell the old white men..FUCK OFF!

…or we can write more articles and complain….

thank you for getting this old white woman worked up this morning, my heart is pumping good today. ;)

Please vote this November, your vote truly does matter.

We have choices here . We can begin a civil war in the United states to end the violence taken against citizens or we, anyone can run for an office that has the authority to begin the changes needed. Not one person can do that either. We need 535 people in office with a vote to make things truly change….

Writing articles, bitching about it to friends and family, quiting jobs because the white guy in authority is an ass….yep, you bring a light to the issue but you do nothing to get the ball rolling in the direction it needs to roll…change.

But we MUST DO….not just talk…or write or bitch or anything other than doing is not enough.

As great as your article is, unless you get everyone reading thinking what they can do, it did not hit its mark and to boil anger and no action is just another step in making this shit that much worse….

What can we do to change it, please…make your next article about that.

Yes…bravo…great article. Your anger is well placed and needed and I couldn’t agree more…I hate cops, they are corrupt and we do need change…


you identified the problem, how do we implement the change?