From Mourning to Morning, It’s All About the ‘Sisters’
Brock N Meeks

I am one of those people, affected by mass incarceration…not the incarcerated, just someone who loves an incarcerated young man I happen to give birth to.

Part of me was relieved when he was sentenced but part of me has not been able to let go of the fear since the day of his admission he needs help.

His incarceration IS the product of his actions…no excuse. He did the crimes for which he is convicted but there is always a little bit of the story missing I’ve learned and in our story, there are many more who need to own this guilt also and those men and women will never be accused, will never be reprimanded and will never be judged for their actions but those actions cause more havoc in our communities than ANYone is willing to admit…they grow the criminals….

…we call them doctors….

….and we respect them without any question…truly…no questions asked…they have to be respectable…they carry a DR behind their name….we owe them our respect, look at how much money they spent to gain that respect…and time!

Not all incarcerated people belong where they are. But only people that have loved ones incarcerated can truly understand the meaning of that statement for a multitude of reasons.

Some shouldn’t be there…PERIOD…they aren’t guilty and they were lied to, about and it worked…

Had the doctor who prescribed highly addictive drugs to him over and over again for literally YEARS had also looked into his eyes just once…he might have noticed the addict he was giving birth to.

Had he just once kept one record of the amount of drugs he dolled out to my son, he might have noticed the addict he was giving birth to.

Had he been held responsible for giving birth to this addict as I was held responsible for giving birth to this human he might have noticed the damage he was inflicting on our entire family…

…but he didn’t…he didn’t have to…he isn’t held responsible for his actions…he isn’t looked to, to be responsible…it’s said he ISN’T responsible for his actions….we are.

The fact the doctor is PAID lots of money to prescribe those drugs that birth addicts by the BIG pharmacuitles companies who can charge as much as they want to help conceive our addicts makes no difference either….we should know better….

My son was a general contractor. On one of his jobs he was injured and was fighting first for his life and second for his leg. They call what happened next was successfull….but I would have to argue that statement.

He’s alive, yes…he is…incarcerated, but alive…and he has all of his limbs he was born with…so yes…we’d have to say what the doctors did was successful….

….they saved his life and 24 hours later began the damnimg task of saving his leg…that proved much harder than saving his life…but after more than 30 months of trying with multiple surgeries, multiple months of recovery off his leg and more on drugs to keep him still, quiet, and down….they bore the addict he is today and set him loose…without his stash he had become so accustomed to….cold turkey, go slay the world….

His first arrest was less than 60 days after his “successful” reconstruction of his leg….and his release of physical therapy and rehabilitation for the injury.

When contacted to assist in his withdrawal the doctor who gave birth to my addict refused to help, in fact told me to have him committed for a 3 day hold so the state would take over…

….and when given the chance to hold doctors responsible for their own addictions…we don’t demand they submit to drug testing before taking care of our loved ones….

Yes…we have a huge drug problem today, the worst thing about it is how we at one time had pretty much gotten past heroin but thanks to big pharma and the doctors they pay to become their pushers it’s back and it’s worse than ever.

Pharmaceutical companies get doctors to prescribe their drugs by lying. My son was given OxyCotin as being “non-addictive”. His first prescription was for 90 days of pain meds upon his release from the hospital after a 3 week stay….90 days…

…no one questioned why he needed more in 30 days…not the doctor prescribing nor the pharmacy filling the perscription…the same pharmacy every single time…no one questioned 12, 90day prescription in one year….no one….

…not even me…of course he was 33 at the time and married and not living with me but when I asked why no one did anything I was asked why I didn’t…and I had no answer….or, no good answer…

…but now my son is incarcerated and my daughter is raising his children as well as her own and trying as hard as she can to keep his kids in the loop of truth without scaring the hell out of them daily….and the help she gets from CPS is “we can’t”. They can’t help with just about anything and because the kids mom is still on the streets drunk, but not breaking the law, just sadly drunk….so my daughter gets little to no one help at all other than medical insurance for the kids and not enough money to feed them.

What ever you are doing for these families is needed. What ever you can do for these kids is needed and what ever you can do to keep doing it is appreciated more than you will EVER know…

…we just don’t know how to say thank you and seldom know where the help is coming from because by the time it is received we can barely see above the rim we are sinking under from the pressure…

Thank you. Keep doing it and Thank you again…just in case you don’t hear it enough.

You will never know how much you are appreciated.