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I didn’t read this article….who needs to….Dr. Oz….quack

Donald Trump….Fraud….

Nuff said really but let me go on…I so love to once in a while and it’s been that…a while…

Dr. Oz endorses anything that will pad his bank account. He does not care about real medicine he cares about what trump cares about…his image…and its sinking by inviting this one person and looking over a poorly written letter from trumps quack as an important bit of information the country needs to learn, hear and believe…

This pairing make me more intent of voting for her….

The laughable interest in this clearly trump writen, copied to a docs letterhead and signed, was a poor attempt to chastise Hillary and take the heat off his taxes…

….guess what donny boy??????…..


Dr. Oz is as good a doctor as his daughter is a cook…not a chef…a cook…and no where as good as Rachael….

donald trump is a fraud, thief, silver spoon low life of the upper 1%.

idiots believing he will make them rich need to read one article of the fraud collage he owned, look where he maufactures all of his poorly received merchandise, listen to his words of hate speak and then go research how Hitler got elected….

the two together….????

Dumb and dumber….