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I have to agree with kwilson9916…the title caught my eye…the context lost me.

Although I agree with you to an extent, we are rude online; we have the right to be even if it ruffles your sensibilities, no one has a right to change a mindset or typed thought to suit their needs.

I am guilty of being rude. I’d have to admit it might happen as often as once or twice a day but let me be clear, my rudeness is driven by the stupidity of articles written.

Most of the time the articles are political in nature or in favor of murder at a government level…and the author wants support in the racist, stereotypical comments that come with that but once in a while they are gender explosions also.

I am not apologizing mind you, I am admitting to being guilty but I am not sorry for my opinion…it’s real, it’s my truth and it bothers me anyone wants to change me…or the words I use to state MY case….but they do.

One man even argued with me until I said … clearly….you won’t bully me into agreeing with you and I was awarded with a “fuck you”…

…I’m used to that too…and it won’t stop me and I don’t take it personal…

Here’s my take…write what you want. State your opinion, stance and do it clearly with as much proof for your side of the argument as you can provide….and be willing and prepared to be disagreed with….

I don’t care if you agree with me and I will discuss, sometimes in caps, with you my points of concern; but I won’t take your position to please you.

If that bothers you maybe I should be blocked from your page so you do not need to see what I have to say.

Otherwise if you can’t do that for what ever your reasons….you too must be prepared to hear what your writing, reply or comment might bring back to you…and not only by the author, many others too will have an opinion…

So, while your article will attract many in agreement I don’t agree, this venue gives me the right not to agree with you and I shouldn’t have to.

I hope you see that it won’t change anything else about me or you, we just don’t agree on one point you choose to write about, not making either of us bad, wrong or evil, just of different mind sets.

…that’s the real issue though isn’t it?….different mind sets…in today’s world we must be right or fight those who don’t agree…

I don’t and I won’t fight about it…thank you for giving me the place to voice my opinion on your article, it was well written.

Democracy…gotta love it.

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