I don’t want an apology from you, and I did not ask for one.

If you think being condescending and accusing others of being demeaning is showing you as a confident, sophisticated, enlightened woman….please…think again.

I think you might be a bright young woman but that chip on your shoulder is blocking something…

Not sure what it is but you come off offensive and uneducated. I am pretty sure that isn’t what you were going for and if it is…go write for trump you sound just as ridicules as him.

What crawled up your ass and pinched?

Take it from a 63 year old grand mother, all that bitchy attitude is going to get you is lonely.

You don’t like Hillary, good for you. There are ways to put your point across without being so nasty and such a bitch.

And yes…I can be a bitch too, but I have the decency to admit when I’ve been one rather than try to belittle and then blame for being demeaned.

I’ve also been known to apologize, but then…I’m an adult and I act like one.

No one is demeaning you, you do a good enough job yourself, just keep it up.

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