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It’s only OK for a rapist to have adequate representation as long as it is not Hillary providing it….

…if trump had the brain of Hillary (which he could only wish) and if he was smart enough to become an attorney and if he had gotten the rapist the same outcome as Hillary has…he’d be a fucking saint…


Why is it OK for women who have been cheated on to be pissed a the other women as long as it’s not Hillary?

Why is it OK for the entire Senate to vote for a war but when Hillary does it SHE’S RESPONSIBLE AND THE REASON WE HAVE A WAR AT ALL?

Why is it OK for Colin Powell to use private email, even delete some but not Hillary…

many investigations…Republican lead, tax payer paid investigations…

…nothing found….


Hillary has been a public servant for 30 plus years. She has lead countless programs for children and many children (now adults) have benefited from her efforts. She has lead many programs for families, and many families today still benefit from her work..

She stood by a cheating husband and kept her family together…any other woman who was able to keep it together would be praised not persecuted…what the fuck….use that instead of she was pissed off at the other women….

….no fucking shit!……I walked that mile and unless you have, shut the FUCK up, you have no idea….none!

Over and over again we learn that in the last 30 years trump has proven to be a racist, a rapist, a bigot, a pedophile and an abuser of women in every single way possible….

He’s a liar, he’s a thief, he’s a conman, he’s being puppeteered by Russia…and far too many want him for our president because somehow you think you know all you need to know about the last 30 years of Clinton public service….

….do some real research on Hillary, stop believing the twisted lies about what she has truly done by a party that is desperate to survive…

….not just this election, they are desperate to survive period and they offer up trump….


….you have a problem with Hillary?….

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