What laws am I trying to make?
Sirous Martel

Look again I said men, not you…your gender, and the gender is guilty of trying to decide for the female gender how, what, when and where far too long. Your comments about the type of pain and that although bad, not that bad….my understanding of your comment….got under my skin.

You are understandably wrong. The pain of passing a 5 to 12 pound human from a hole about an inch in circumference is indescribable and NOT soon forgotten.

Postpartum depression is very real, is only caused from pregnancy and on going, something you could never understand.

Any comments from men about childbirth, other than its beautiful and thank you, is too much.

My OBGYN told my husband he will NEVER have any concept of what we feel and to not try to sympathize by saying you understand but rather by admitting you can’t possibly.

Probably the best advise to new dad’s.

You don’t know, you can’t possibly and to say otherwise is condescending and rude.

Thank your wife, buy her a push gift because she earned it and tell her you love her. Never say one word about her body other than to admit what a miracle it is.

Never again comment on women’s issues other than to tell us you don’t have the guts to be a woman because no man does.