I’m fucking done playing nice.
Molly S. Hill

Molly your work is impeccable because no one can deny the truth you live with…and so elegantly share with us, to educate.

The ones who need to belittle your truth seem to me to be hiding guilt.

Maybe for an action, possibly for a feeling but not to feel bad in their own skin means to denounce the facts for them.

To do otherwise would mean they must look in a mirror and that’s very hard for many. It means accepting our own inadequacies.

I have been attacked in my home, not raped. My attacker was in uniform and the law suit states he was at the wrong place and I was home at the wrong time.

That does not excuse this 6’5" 245lb 32 year old man’s attack on my 5’2" 98lb 54 year old body…but he was…because he was in uniform and I was home, in his mind; at the wrong time….

I guess reaching early retirement isn’t an excuse in our courts of law.

Because of this attack I have been diagnosed with PTSD and I have somehow grown to be claustrophobic…maybe from his large frame holding me to the ground, face down, after being pulled from my home and pepper sprayed for answering my door….at 8:45AM in my pj’s.

Our court system is set up in levels of culpriable guilt and it is measured by race, gender, sexual preference but most of all….employment.

If your attacker wears one of theirs you lose before it starts. I even have a report from their department that states if what I said happened truly happened then the officer in questions actions, response and attitude was beyond the scope of his uniform and deserves to be punished…in other words there is no way I was telling the truth and if I was, it needed to be removed from record…and it was, his report was not allowed to be used as evidence for my jury trial of excessive force.

So…we can continue to bring our attackers and rapists to our only system to get relief for our injuries and injustices brought against us but we have very little opportunity to a fair trial.

We are women first, then we have to fight the other inadequacies we are born with….then we get to start to prove the guilt of our attacker to only have the judge tell us our injuries are outweighed by the age and athletic prowess, job description, martial status, politcal affiliation of our attackers.

And our judges can not be held accountable for their interruptation of the law they are to judicate.

So…in my book, now at 63 and looking back….unless we get this shit fixed real fast…if you are a woman looking for justice in our court rooms against a white, affluent attacker,,,,,,,,we’re fucked.

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