The koolaid of history.
Tom Gee

Obviously you have closed off to the real truth.

She is a woman who is unapologetic to men who she is far better than….in many ways… and those men take periods of time, a string of truth and spin it into lies you think you remember.

Do your research again, this time look at the words of anyone other than a republican trying to save a failing party, and in the end keep your thoughts to yourself as politics are private as is how you vote….

… just remember who you vote for hold the life of every single American in their hands.

Trump wants to expand stop and frisk, he wants to build walls to keep others out, what will he plan to keep us in?, he wants to deport anyone he thinks is un-American based on his very narrow mind and far too close ties with Russia. He steals the money donated to his foundation for personal gain and DOES NOT contribute to his own family legacy….

Yep…. Hillary past 25 plus years of service to our country far and away is underscored by trumps also failed attempt to become reality king…

Seriously, anything you want to say to me about candidate qualifications became unimportant with ALL of your posts.

You clearly read media as your research and don’t really care for truthful history, that would just fuck things up for your boy should the real truth be known… tell me, has the Clinton foundation saved lives, has donny boys?

You see, I at my advanced age, I don’t need to find out what happened “back then”… I lived it. I remember more than what was ever save for historical records and I also remember the fear of her very capable and clearly more educated experience turned to ridicule toward her from her male peers….look at her now boys…

The need of trump supports to rewrite truth to match trump lack of knowledge and experience is so very laughable and frightening at the same time.

If by chance he is elected we have no one to blame but uneducated, confederate flag waving, racist bigots when we get bombed by our first pissed off ally.

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