Cops Gone Wild
Carl Tennenbaum

Oh Mr. Tannenbaum… you went and did it again…

….a cop making sense….

You need to stop this or my unfiltered fear and loathing of all starched up uniforms might have to be softened some…

You and I have discussed at length the code of silence, some, myself included call it the code of blue because it goes much deeper than staying quiet, most times it includes lying… oddly you are the first to tell me to respect my fear (my take away) and allow me to seek others like yourself…saying, and making me believe, you are not the only good cop out there… if I remember correctly your son is carrying that ball forward.

In the 10 years of dealing with the side effects of PTSD no one has helped me more…

… now, you’ve done it again….

As I have said before, thank you.

I am not sure how you might go about it; but for some one like me, who suffered at the hand of poor police training, to see someone like you, a police officer with exemplary police thinking, leading the training of training officers in critical thinking… and overseeing the on going training.

Yes, it’s a split second decision in most cases, that is why making the correct one is so important.

In my case, the wrong one was made by willful choice to use willful force where no force was required.

His experiences told him the system had his back and it does.

That’s what also must be changed.

Officers need to be exposed and punished as I would be… to the fullest extent of the law…

Our courts need to stop protecting bad behaviors first.

I think putting a woman in charge is the first critical step in that direction, going with the alternative leads us further away.

Thank you once again.