What I Have Learned From Photographing 400 Towns in Iowa
Cody Weber

Sadly, that picture you paint, is vividly real today.

The dying middle began in the middle and then migrated outward towards each coast. I live on the west one and today that painting can now be seen coloring our landscape… or better said… taking the color from…

The idea a person who took his father’s legacy and fortune and boasts it as his own, who’s spoiled child upbringing bleeds over to his children and his inability to take any type of criticism is going to show anyone how to ‘rise above’ this and change the swing of the pendulum back towards a prosperous middle is laughable and frightening at so many levels.

Given tax breaks and giving tax credit has to stop. Corporations must be required to employ as many in the states as they do in child labor third world countries. Closing not only the inequity between the gender income gaps but also the hypocrisy of corporate greed at the top and lack any income matching to the cost of living at the general working levels.

In the 50’s and 60’s one income in a family was MORE than enough. Saving was possible and private funded retirement accounts made for a decent life style in the golden years of life was a part of budgeting. In the 70’s women decided childbearing and mothering wasn’t enough, and their husbands income just barely covered the bills, no savings was possible but since there is employer matching 401k’s making the scene,maybe… just maybe we will be able to retire before 65 after all… in the 80’s….yeah…the 80’s….is when it was extremely clear, without two incomes no retirement savings was possible, employer matched or not. Women hit the workforce with enthusiasm and saw it as helping.

A new industry was forged….childcare….boy did it take off!

I entered the workforce in 67 and worked full-time for the next 48 years. During that working time I educated myself, got married, gave birth twice, buried all of my grandparents, both of my parents, and too many friends to count, most from the Vietnam War and worked many part time jobs at the same time….just to make ends meet… and then I thought I could do it alone….

That’s when I took the 3rd job.

The family unit was limited to weekends and a new phrase popped up…latch key kids… because as fast as that child care industry is growing, so is the cost… once the kids can walk more than a block without a total melt down, they can take care of themselves until mom got off work (the beginning of the end of the middle class family).

We need to build the middle again and this time take a “no one left behind” attitude with it. We need to end child hunger HERE in the USA.

We need our corporations to care about us again, to bring jobs back…not all, just half would make a world of difference, and we need a system that is NOT bought by the people who need to BE controlled, not allowed to control the system.

We hear all the time the rich rule the world and they have proved they bought that ruling roll.

But without the middle, the angry low level they’ve left us in will no longer do their dirty work…

Now what?

Another civil was? World?


We can’t figure this out like adults?…

No…. I guess we can’t.

Some people still think the guy dipped in orange can do it….

He can’t do it for himself but has convinced too many he can do it for them all they have to do is vote him in and if that doesn’t work, start a revolution and kill the lady sitting in his chair in his office….

Can you SEE where this is headed?…..

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