This is not a solution.
Anthony Boutros

Thank you Anthony.

I was sitting here wanting to comment to Michael and not knowing how.

I am pissed at his comments but I know he has the right to voice them and I would never want him or anyone else to lose that right.

What I would like to see is some common sense. Even if it’s just keeping quiet when a heart reaching story like this one is shared.

I can even begin to understand the pain. I have not lost a child. My sister did. Her daughter died of cancer at the age of 32 and as sad and painful it was to watch her child was not taken in a violent senseless way…just senseless.

Other than to offer my condolences to both of these mothers I can’t and won’t lessen their pain with words but adding more with comments like Michaels, which I hope was his way of coping with idiots, but dangerous none the less; I don’t have the words for him to make him stop and think before making them.

You did, thank you.

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