No, Mr. President, You Didn’t Inherit A Mess You Inherited A Righted Ship And Like W You Are Making…
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

the time has come to stop trying to reason with him or his alter ego…its impossible to reason with a mentally ill person without reason to begin with….he just wants to campaign because doing the job is so fucking hard!

it has now become necessary to demand our congressmen/women and senators do their jobs.

there are many scapegoats written into our constitution to unseat a disturbed person in the oval office…disturbed is a description with many open doors and windows that could lead anywhere to get him gone…and pence in…and here is where we must be very careful….VERY!

it might be much better to just let him blow off steam, tell him no and stop him in our justice system, 4 years from now…fucking vote! thats all democrats had to do VOTE…if they had, we would be having a much different conversation….

mike pense?

look at HIS experience and his offering of “law” as he sees it…frightening really because he IS clearly sane…yet STILL he thinks praying away gay is possible…THINK about that just a moment…and science…and how they truly DO go together…

I use only this one example becasue the rest you truly would call me crazy if I tried to tell you about his “experience” in government.

SO…before we go asking for things to happen…LETS MAKE SURE WHAT WE ARE ASKING FOR WON’T END UP IN HURTING US MORE

I hate trump, hate him and I have NEVER said that about anyone and meant it before... his wife will NEVER be the FLOTUS…shes not american and never will be and a hooker will never be respeced, her corner is still vacant…go back there….that all said, I still don’t want to have some guy with a total hatred of women with an opinion about what happens to our bodies and whos baby we will birth…or abort…AT OUR CHOICE…he wants to take that away and he wants every school to pray to HIS god every morning…and he wants to go back more than 60 years in our laws to take away everything we have fought for and won for anything not a lilly white man,,,and as much as it pains me to say it, watch him or hear his voice I would rather trump be told no than pence force it through….any IT…no matter what that IT might be….

just remember what your mother always told you….

careful what you ask for, the alternative might be much worse.

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