The Worst Part of the Trump Tapes
Alaura Weaver

This story…the Billy story, not THIS story…is hard to respond to. I like Billy but….well….

Billy got what he deserved, we can not allow to pick and choose about who can say lewd and crued things about and to women or take demeaning actions against us out of celebrity…he’s just as bad a trump in my book as is Bill Clinton.

But it appears Bill Clinton might have learned his lesson. I say this with no conviction as it is October surprise in action…anything could surface…but for now…

Yes, multiple women came out, without proof against our president at the time and got him ejected…good for them….but blame his wife?

allow trump to blame his wife?

fuck that!

I don’t care who you want to be president, who you vote for is your business but blaming a woman for a cheating husband or the actions she took after wards…fuck that! and fuck you too if you are one who is doing this.

I don’t care what she said to any of these women. I don’t care about the circumstance of them ending up in bed with her husband…I don’t care because I know she didn’t have a damn thing to do with that…nothing…and if she got pissed off and does not believe women who wait fucking years and wait until it is financially beneficial for them to come forward…well then…fuck them and fuck you again…

…fuck you because you ARE blaming her for her husbands actions and then telling her she doesn’t have a right to have feelings around being cheated on, around being lied to, that because she’s Hillary Clinton she has to suck it up and accept it…

….yeah…fuck you

not this author, their story just makes me say it louder, this author is the reason we MUST not blame Hillary for any action taken by a man against her and stop allowing these women to continue to earn off their lies. Blamming Hillary for this makes it OK for men to continue doing what trump thinks is perfectly acceptable and you make it that way too…

If you ask how I can support Hillary and not the women who SAY they have been raped…they say it…they offer no proof…they waited years and they all showed up with an amount of what it would take to make it all go away…. and it takes way more strength to stay than it does to leave…

Monica had proof but she was NOT raped but rather a very willing participant…to willing….

think about that and Hillary when you think about what Bill did…

she got in the faces of women who said they fucked her husband and she was verbally nasty to them…not physical…verbal…yeah…like I said….I would be sooooo much worse….

….sooooo much…..

truth?….stop blaming a victim….

she’s no less a victim than these women claim to be…so stop…

about Billy Bush?…good for NBC, it’s about time corporations begin to stand up and stop the double standard of celebrity….

Roger, now Billy…who? Donald next?

HA! we could only hope….

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