The smell of fear
Yvonne C. Claes

Why can’t we be civilized Democrats who have 2 candidates battling for the candidacy right now. Currently Hillary is leading with Bernie right on her heals…but behind. In the end we will have one. I have voiced my preference for who I have already cast my vote for but should she not be our candidate, and because at the end of the day they have far more likeness to major issues that truly matter; I will happily cast my vote for the Bern should he pull it off. Not to throws all Americans under the bus, the alternative is dangerous and not voting is casting a vote for the other party.

We have all read stories of their candidates immature (stuck for a word hear because everything about him is immature)….lets say behavior. Can you honestly say to not do anything and everything to block his administration wouldn’t be dangerous to the welfare of our country?

Your support and determination for your first choice is to be commended and should be ongoing to the very end but before you say or do anything…can we say out of your ordinary…please think about what your second choice should be… really consider the very real alternative.

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