your need to have the last word, need to correct spelling, grammar and most of all your need to be right stops your writing from being great. you wrote a piece that strongly states your position and convictions and provoked comments. for most writers thats enough of a compliment. but not for you, the comments made were good, bad, and indifferent. you felt the need to call out any one that doesn’t agree with you, giving nice, smart, educated statements and or comments that might engage conversation instead you dismiss them for being demeaning and then throw passive aggressive “but thanks”, wink, wink, fuck you attitude. now you attack me for not allowing you to do what you accused others of, belittling and demeaning… yes, the truth hurts… all mistakes, misspelling and anything else that makes you want to reply are there intentionally… just to bug you a little bit more because at my age I get a kick out of doing shit like this… ☺

…. what don’t you get?

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