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Your passive aggressive anger is showing in all 4 of your replys.

It shouldn’t have taken that many to reply but I guess I hit a nerve? And it riled you so you couldn’t think of everything you needed to say to make everyone know your smarter and more clever… ?

How am I doing? because for the life of me I can’t understand why you needed to reply 4 times when it could have easily been handled in one other than I shook you up so much you reacted…before finishing…cranked out one…then anotheer…and also feel the need to correct something that was intentionally left uncapped….if I had needed to type your name it too would have been started in lower case…I don’t feel the need to bring attention to attention seekers, caps bring attention…but you need to correct people that don’t suit you or share your like thoughts..

….if you act like a bitch I call it like I see it…

You see little girl you speak of wanting truth, it’s your tag line; and when you get it and don’t like what you get, you attack.

What you wrote left you open for the remarks you received, you responded with your passive aggressive attitude that got you told the real truth and the little girls feelings you have got so hurt she had to attack but couldn’t collect her thoughts into one, so she had to respond in four…

When you speak your truth it’s fine, just be prepared for what it sparks in others.

Before you tell us what we lived through with Mrs. Clinton from the beginning of her very long and respected career perhaps you should research all of it, not just the talking points that you heard from an idiot and got your feathers ruffeled…but if not, be perpared.

You are condescending and I called it like it see little ms. truth seeker…deal with it.