Shawn Price
Feb 28, 2018 · 1 min read

At the moment I’m most excited about digital collectibles for unique and original art from well known and up and coming artists.

I remember my initial excitement with Rare Pepe cards and having that ah-ha moment of browsing and then purchasing rare digital art. The next step for me is the ability to purchase high resolution artwork direct from an artist and display it on my TV or a purpose built 4K frame.

I’ve discussed this idea with a number of artists and it’s clear the art world is quite conservative and change happens slowly.

Quoting one artist who recently had a solo exhibition in a well known museum:

it’s important for me to have my work sell as part of a program with other respected artists; and for my work to be in sales channels that are standard with museum acquisition practices and with collectors.

I think change will be slow at first but that soon major museums and galleries will begin experimenting with and then collecting blockchain backed art.

Though physical art certainly won’t have a Blockbuster moment, I believe there is a market for the iTunes Store of art. But in this case the purchase is truly permanent.

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