The Commit vision is to create a frictionless path between software engineers and world-changing opportunities. We want to create an ideal career experience for every software engineer, regardless of the group(s) they belong to. So how does a small startup of mostly over-represented men create an experience that caters to everyone in an equal and equitable way? We find the beginning and do the work.

Today is International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights.” For too long, much of tech industry culture has ignored the long standing issues of gender disparity.

A month…

The word POW depicted as a cartoon.
The word POW depicted as a cartoon.

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. Over the past decade, this event has become a powerful example of capitalism for good by bringing an incredible amount of awareness to the subject of mental health and mental illness.

The message is simple. 1 in 5 Canadians will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime.

Earlier today, I reflected on this statistic while commuting. There were about 250 people on my train. So 50 of them will be affected by mental illness. …

Photo by Shawn Price

Our New Year’s Eve dinner party with friends has wrapped and I’m reflecting on the year that has passed.

Dinner parties we host often make me think of our table leaves stored under our bed when not in use. They are a hassle to pull out and fit into place and a hassle to put away. After our last big dinner a leaf stayed in place for a week or two.

I expect I will look back on 2019 and recall the year my personal and professional flywheel began moving with a quicker and more steady momentum.

Early in the…

Neon hello sign
Neon hello sign
Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

As you build your professional network it won’t be uncommon for someone you know to ask you for an introduction. A decade ago, Fred Wilson asked for the adoption of the double opt-in introduction. Today these are standard as they are compassionate way to connect people. This post describes the emails involved in the introduction dance.

Helping others expand their network contributes to compounding the value of your own. But it’s important to act with compassion toward those involved. Your colleague Bob may ask you to introduce you to your friend Alice. …

Black and gold roman numeral analog clock
Black and gold roman numeral analog clock
Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

To be productive, makers such as software engineers need to spend much of their workday in a state of flow. It is expensive to get both into and out of flow so the more blocks of uninterrupted time the better. Many managers spend much of their day in meetings, yet still have work that benefits from flow. This post provides calendar management tips for managers who want to get their work done.

The events in a makers calendar are often not much more than a few meetings.

Person standing on hill during sunrise
Person standing on hill during sunrise
Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

Knowledge work is changing. There are a growing number of companies creating remote teams. Many companies are completely distributed. These changes are creating leverage for software engineers living in markets outside the US to raise their salaries. For those who haven’t worked remote it can be an adjustment. But there’s an incredible payoff.

I remember signing the contracting agreement to work with a distributed early stage US based startup in early 2018. With no head office, the company had employees across two continents, three countries, and four time-zones.

There were many things about this role and company that excited me…

“Can we talk for a minute.” Here it is. I have usually seen this coming for weeks, if not months. I’ve done what I can to clear up any questions or issues. I’ve often coached to get to the root cause of the issue or dissatisfaction. Every now and then it’s a lever I have some level of control over. Often it’s not.

Each time I’ve heard “Can we talk for a minute”, I’ve known what’s coming next. Whether over Slack or in person after a meeting, there’s something in the tone or timing that gives it away. …

Good morning. It’s a breath after 5:00am and were it not one of the longest days of the year the amount of light out would be surprising. A Saturday, and I’m up and about by choice.

There’s something special about the early hours. Living near a city centre, the easiest thing to notice is the quiet. At first there is no traffic. But then a car goes by. A dog barks. The birds sing. I enjoy my coffee. But it’s more than the quiet. There is a stillness around me.

I’ve often had the goal of starting my day early…

Hello everyone out there who doesn’t need unlimited minutes and messaging with their phone. I’m doing a new side project that puts your number in the cloud and saves you money. At the moment it’s just a hobby, it won’t be big and professional like Ring Central. This has been brewing since April and is almost ready for beta testers. I’d like feedback on the things people like/dislike with their current voice & sms plan as this new app I’m building resembles it somewhat.

I’ve currently got call and sms notifications working, which solves my personal problem (I actually don’t…

Shawn Price

Shawn Price is an entrepreneur, leader, and engineering manager who supports the learning & growth of individuals & teams.

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