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“The Warriors have also shown the ability to find talented players later in the draft and maximize the abilities of veterans they pick up off the scrap heap.”

If by this, you mean the Dubs got luck with the Draymond Green pick, then you’d be more close to the truth. If we look at the Dubs draft history since 2005, and you exclude straight up lottery picks (since the comment mentions “later in the draft” you get the following names:

Chris Taft, Monta Ellis, Kosta Perovic, Stephane Lasme, Jermareo Davidson, Marco Bellinelli, Richard Hendrix, Charles Jenkins, Ognjen Kuzmic, Draymond Green, Festus Ezeli, Kevon Looney, Patrick McCaw, and Damian Jones. Of these, I’ve highlighted the ones who you’ve 1) probably heard of and 2) are actually NBA players. Looney, McCaw, and Jones too soon to tell, and the others aren’t even in the league as far as I know.

Of those 4, only Dray is still on this team, and the other 3 were traded for a reason. So — the Dubs “showing an ability” is hitting at an NBA team average 28.5% of their late 1st round/2nd round picks? This is recency bias at it’s finest. Since the Dubs lucked into a player who turned out to be an All-NBA style guy, they must “have this ability to find players.” Or…they just got lucky, much like this did with the salary cap spike, Steph’s bad ankle, etc…