From SpringboardVR Chief Business Officer, Michael Festa

The last four years have been an incredible privilege for me. I contributed to the birth of an industry, launched nine games into the market, built and ran a VR Arcade, and visited at least a hundred other Arcades across the world. I know what the frontlines look like and it’s been humbling to see so many entrepreneurs put everything they have into making something this special.

That’s what makes this incredibly difficult time even more difficult for me personally. …

Virtual Reality has the ability to move classrooms beyond facts and figures to a place of discovery and contagious wonder.

“Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood.”
– Leonardo da Vinci

When was the last time you saw students awestruck in your classroom? How do we continue to stimulate curiosity and a zest for learning in our students? Virtual Reality has the ability to move classrooms beyond facts and figures to a place of discovery and contagious wonder.

When people lookup in the night sky and see the stars shine and twinkle they are struck with awe and wonder. …

With monthly & yearly floating licensing options, VR Operators take control of their content licensing costs.

VR Arcade Operators must have the ability to effectively budget and predict content licensing costs. But, until now, the lack of licensing options has made it difficult to predict these costs — making it near impossible to budget month-to-month.

We have felt this pain through hundreds of conversations with Operators all over the world and have worked with them to develop a plan to take control and save money on licensing costs.

The Plan to Take Control:

1. More Options with Monthly & Yearly Licensing

More VR content licensing options means more control over what you spend on content, and more content for your customers.

2. More Flexibility with Floating Licenses

Floating licenses means more efficient licensing. To learn…

Successful VR Content Creators in the out-of-home market understand that in order to keep growing they need their title(s) offered in as many locations and played by as many users as possible. But the lack of VR content pricing options was limiting the pool of locations that could offer new content to their users.

We believe VR Content Creators should have the tools, time, and resources to continue doing what they love — which is why we are excited to announce that monthly and yearly pricing options are now live on our VR commercial licensing Marketplace.

Setting Your Monthly & Yearly Pricing Options

You can set your…

The holidays are right around the corner so we thought we’d take this week to highlight a few fun titles for you all to try out at your location this holiday season.

1)Santa Simulator

First, from the makers of Richie’s Plank Experience, is Santa Simulator. This title is a fun, quick experience that is a great way to introduce people to VR, especially during the holidays.

Arcade Operators can now utilize SpringboardVR to conveniently manage both their VR bays and their KATVR omnidirectional treadmills as of December 17th, 2019.

As of December 17th, 2019, SpringboardVR officially supports the launching of KATVR content through its arcade management software.

Arcade Operators can now utilize SpringboardVR to conveniently manage both their VR bays and their KATVR omnidirectional treadmills.

Xbox head Phil Spencer recently laid to rest the idea of Microsoft focusing on VR for their upcoming Project Scarlett, saying that “nobody wants VR” and claiming that VR is isolating.

Spencer, for the most part, is correct and this is painfully obvious in location-based-entertainment. Patrons of VR Arcades, Family-Entertainment-Centers, etc. generally are new to VR and aren’t always gamers either.

One of the hardest things about VR is to just get people to try it. …

Game Studio nDreams put special importance on VR Arcades when creating Shooty Fruity Arcade and in-turn, created one of the staple titles at arcades today.

To celebrate this success, Shooty Fruity Arcade will be free Nov. 18 through Nov. 24!

Creating a game that works well in arcades isn’t always the easiest thing but the team at nDreams took the amazingly polished and fun gameplay of Shooty Fruity, packaged that into in an extremely streamlined experience, and in the end, created a great arcade experience.

Competitive VR Shooter, Tower Tag, has been taking over Asia and its LBE debut around the world is starting off strong.

So strong that the VR Nerds team has issued a price reduction!

It might have been the best VR game you’ve never heard of, but that is changing fast. Tower Tag took Asia by storm and last month launched on the SpringboardVR platform in North America and Canada.

Due to its breakout success though, the developers of Tower Tag, VR Nerds, have decided to reduce Tower Tag’s per-minute fee from ten to eight cents after the initial free period ends on Nov. 28.

Phillip Steinfatt of VR Nerds said they saw…


SpringboardVR makes the best VR content available to everyone, everywhere. Currently 500+ locations in 40+ countries.

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