Free Roam LA Deadzone is Here!

A new type of experience is available on the SpringboardVR platform today!


What is free roam content?

Free roam content differs from room-scale in that the games are designed without chaperones and are intended to be played in large, arena-scale spaces (i.e., The Void, Holodeck, etc.).

Free roam content generally uses backpack PCs or untethered headsets, allowing the players to freely walk around the area to play.

Does SpringboardVR support all free roam content?

No, SpringboardVR does NOT support all free roam content.

Often times free roam content requires complicated hardware setups, installation of server software, launch arguments and more. All of this results in extra time spent troubleshooting or bug squashing, not running an arcade.

Due to these considerations, we don’t offer full free roam support on the platform.

Thankfully, the team at Castle Steps has created a very simple and streamlined version that makes it easy and simple for operators to set up in their arcades.

We are excited to offer Free Roam LA Deadzone in our marketplace and will consider any free roam content that is optimized for Arcades!

Understanding free roam pricing models

Along with being played and supported differently, free roam content is also ticketed differently than room-scale content.

In general, Operators offering free roam content can charge more for free roam experiences.

16¢ per-minute might not fit an existing model for a room-scale, multi-station set up, but it is a fantastic price point for free roam content.

On average, free roam costs customers $1 per minute, allowing for better margins.

For example, the gameplay for free roam LA Deadzone runs for 12 to 15 minutes, and some locations are charging $15 to $25 for it as a stand-alone experience.

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions on pricing! We’d love to help.

How will I set it up?

One of the best things about the free roam version of LA Deadzone is how easy it is to setup! We’ve provided instructions, a video, and marketing assets below.

Add the Free Roam Version of LA Deadzone Today!

All that said, we are excited to offer the free roam version of LA Deadzone at the awesome price of 16 cents per-minute!

Check it out on the SpringboardVR Marketplace!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback please feel free to reach out to!

William Dickinson
Content Team Ninja | SpringboardVR


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