Matariki & Kawakawa

So as we know with Matariki coming up it is the time for our Green Thumbs to protrude as green and as big as ever! For time immemorial annual agricultural rituals have been determined by the stars and the moon; Matariki is no different.

But what to plant given winter stunts vegetation growth? How about a citrus tree to bring you juicy fruit by next winter? Or root vegetables for your end of winter warming roasts? Why not shallow bury some organic garlic cloves in your garden bed (or pot)? Or plant something to fecundly flourish flowers in Spring?

Then when that’s done and you have your feet up, your green thumbs less protruding, it is the perfect time to read up on some advantageous and healing plants often lost in the flurry of urban life.

You could have some Kawakawa leaves gently infuse your hot cup of water, seep in to your body and give you the warm glow of health! Such infusions are a great general tonic for health but can also more specifically be excellent to relieve pain, bladder problems, chest infections and skin ailments. Win win I say.

You will have seen Kawakawa around, some in our back gardens, but perhaps for most on native bush walks where they happily thrive in New Zealand’s subtropical climate. If you’re unsure, Kawakawa leaves have a distinctive set of holes in their broadly rounded, almost heart shaped leaves. And small candle-like fruiting spikes.

So sit back, and smell the Kawakawa infused month of Matariki!

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