Club isn’t the best place to find love, so a Coworking Space is where I go

How Spring House Coworking made Kanupriya love her life and herself!

Kanupriya at Spring House Coworking

“What you seek is seeking you” — She learnt in her journey of bumping into a co working space (read:Spring House) that became the wind to her wings”

She learnt to re-believe in her dreams and herself, to pursue her professional strengths with courage and mentorship in the backdrop of Spring House Coworking .

Her Story

She was confused. She wanted to freelance. She wasn’t ambitious like the ones in the rat race but she wanted to sail new seas professionally and personally, and contribute to the brands and lives of others.

She began to work from home, after a series of Internships and interviews for full time jobs, reluctantly.

She would get assignments and get acknowledged for her work, but something was missing.

She wished for an outlet. She tried working from home, but it only gave birth to gradual growth to frustration. She would occasionally take her laptop and flee to coffee shops with Wifi.

She didn’t want to join a typical office and didn’t want to join just any place that would be a typical corporate atmosphere, puncturing her budget.

She was tired of sitting at home, asking around for flexible work options, but her bundle of dreams didn’t have the guidance, encouragement, but judgments from the world around and the same limited contacts.

The Turn

She began posting her CVs, doing rounds for interviews, and joined a job just to shut people and her demotivation up.

But then she decided to follow her heart, and with courage, prepared to battle a storm of comments from the society, nosy relatives and envious peers; about not driving the herd road;

One of her friends told her about a new concept of shared working environment called “Coworking Spaces”.

A place, where everyone is passionate about their work. A place, where everyone helps out each other, whether it is professionally or personally. A place, where you walk-in as a coworker but become a part of this big closed-knit family in no time.

She Googled coworking spaces in Gurgaon, and managed to filter down on 3.

She didn’t desire a corporate atmosphere workplace to fuel her fears but something funky, homely yet motivating. — Little did she know that Spring House Coworking would make this surreal wish come true!

After rejecting one of the 3 being a typical formal setup, and the other incidentally not having availability on urgent basis, she decided to visit Spring House Coworking.

Spring House Coworking Galleria (Gurgaon, Haryana)

The Welcome Change

Like a lego game, her checklist of a dream workspace got ticked off one checkbox at a time:

· Her shoestring budget was taken care of by the flexibility of the coworking’s accomadating/understanding team;

· She first fell in love with the co working space at Galleria i.e colorful, cheery, and a mix of casual yet productive vibes. Then gradually began to adore the city(Gurgaon), that she once loathed. The best part was that she had something to look forward to everyday.

Life at Spring House Coworking

· She became confident of her life choice and lifestyle, as she found a humble mentor(s), guiding her through and connecting her to people with Content requirements, believing in her, her potential and motivating her.

· Her network expanded, as she began to fish assignments and indulge in fun with friends.

· From scouting escapes from the NCR, she now looks forward to drink her special strong coffee; read and chill in the breakout zone, organize and attend enjoyable yet informative events and ofcourse: work like she once prayed for : freelance creative content writer!

Having a work life from which she doesn’t need a vacation, sparkled with encouragement, positivity and flexibility. All in all, what she likes to call her ‘crib’ —Spring House Coworking!

As she continues to make her folks and the world jealous of her Instagram-&-drool-worthy workplace, why not share this true story or the website (social media) links, and save yourself and your contacts of that envy ;)