A Guide To Tulsa Irrigation Systems From Affordable Irrigation of Tulsa

For some people, even the phrase ‘Tulsa irrigation systems’ might sound like a process that uses a lot of water, and in turn, wastes a lot of water. Many people choose to forego a sprinkler system at home because they feel as though it’s a waste of water, uses too much, over waters their lawn, etc. Unfortunately, far too many people believe these myths, and it’s more than likely their own watering methods are actually wasting far more water than any irrigation systems ever would.

What many people don’t realize is that sprinkler systems, when installed correctly and efficiently, can actually help to conserve quite a bit of water.

Think about it this way: It’s the middle of the summer, and the days can get extremely hot this time of year. To make up for the heat, and the common lack of rain, people feel the need to water their lawns, either with a portable sprinkler, or a hose. There are several problems with these methods, however: Uneven watering, overwatering or under watering, and most of all — a waste of water. These methods make it so easy to water your lawn inefficiently, at the wrong times, and in the wrong places, that you’re likely to end up wasting more water than a professional sprinkler system ever would.

Because water is becoming a more scarce natural resource than ever, it’s important to take into account different ways we can use it wisely, and efficiently, and when watering your lawn is a priority in the heat of the summer, there is no better way to do it responsibly than with an automatic sprinkler system.

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How Can An Automatic Sprinkler System Help?

Most automatic sprinkler systems consist of a programmable timer — by using a professional irrigation company like Affordable Irrigation, your sprinkler system can be programmed to go off at the ideal times, without the risk of overwatering. However, no matter how you choose to install your system, the timer helps to control both how long the system runs, and at what frequencies.

It’s important to know just how to calibrate systems like these, depending on the amount of rain that typically occurs year after year, and how much water your lawn usually needs. You might see multiple sprinklers in people’s yards going off during the middle of the day, and not only is that not helping the yard at all, it’s wasting water. The best time to water your lawn with any type of sprinkler is in the cool of the evening, or even overnight. Not only will the ground absorb the water more efficiently, but the sun won’t ‘dry it up’ before it even has a chance to soak into the ground.

Another great feature of automatic irrigation systems is that many of them come with a type of ‘shut-off’ device, designed specifically to control the amount of water being put out. One of the most commonly found shut-off devices are rain sensors that can be attached to the sprinkler system.

Rain sensors will actually detect when a specific amount of rain has recently fallen, and will communicate back to the system. If enough rain has fallen and your lawn doesn’t need to be watered, the system won’t run until it’s needed again. Think of it as an automatic water conservationist working right inside your sprinkler system. In many areas, having a sprinkler system with some type of shut-off device is required by law, in an effort to save water.

Rain sensors will detect the amount of water already in the soil to determine whether or not your system should run, or how much water it should release at any given time, taking the guesswork out of water conservation for you, and making it easier than ever to do the right and responsible thing.

The Importance Of A Sprinkler System

As you can see, sprinkler systems can do more for your lawn, and for the environment, than many people realize. Oftentimes, we’re just thinking about the overall health and appearance of our landscape when we use a sprinkler on our own, or even when we have a professional irrigation system installed. And, while it’s nice to have a healthy, manicured lawn, the importance of responsible watering shouldn’t be lost.

By installing a sprinkler system in your yard, you’re providing a huge benefit not only to your own lawn, but to the environment, especially in these times of frequent droughts. Between timers, and features that make sure your sprinkler is making the most of the water it puts out, there is no better way to ‘reduce your footprint’ than with a professional system.

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