What is JericVerse?

JericVerse: Mr. J
3 min readNov 25, 2021

Experience the story, and the beautiful MetaVerse.

The real name is “Moonlanders”.

JericVerse: Moonlanders, is a virtual world (a.k.a. MetaVerse) where players & creators can explore, build and monetize their gaming experiences on (or OFF) the Ethereum blockchain.

How it all started?

JericVerse started with the unique Agent1 NFT program, best known for its game-changing morphing Living NFT format, and its evolving Code Hunter Game. It also allowed NFT holders to play AAA-graphic games straight from the web-browser.

The concepts were produced by celebrity artist, Jeric T, whose music and films have garnered more than 300 million views all over the world at the time of writing. During the early Covid period, Jeric connected and streamed with his fans and friends regularly all over the world. He felt that something was missing, there was still sadness and uncertainties in the atmosphere. It was not enough to just be streaming to them. He felt there must be other ways to connect with people, using various mediums that can create brand new experiences and memories. This was why and how the concepts for JericVerse, plus its Agent1 NFT initiatives were born.

The goal: To create a virtual world, where people could experience art, stories & music in a beautiful and artistic manner, all while being introduced to the latest in technologies, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), AR/VR, with rewards for participation in the ecosystem. Having fun, learning new things, experiencing new artforms, and even profiting.

Artists and Artworks

With an immersive storyline, artists drop their artworks onto the Moon in the JericVerse: Moonlanders game/Metaverse. Other players (and buyers), can view and collect their artworks in the Moon Galleries. These galleries are carefully curated, and also community-driven —including historical art pieces, along with new NFT-era digital artwork.

JericVerse ecosystem current consists of three integrated products that creatively tie multiple user-groups and user-experiences together. Some of these run on the blockchain, along with smart contracts, while others run on traditional mediums. We are embracing new technologies, but we are not abandoning the proven and working ones — the same with our valuable arts, history and roots.

CREE Machine

CREE Machine is an NFT, that gives you a remote node that runs dedicated hardware for the JericVerse ecosystem.

It helps to secure and run calculations for the JericVerse network. As a CREE Machine NFT owner, you will receive $CREE every second you have it running. Where you can then spend, or exchange for ETH, USDT and other tokens. This is one of the best & easiest ways to support JericVerse and be rewarded for it!

JericVerse: Marketplace

JericVerse Marketplace allows players to upload and sell their Art, Music and Game Item NFT pieces. NFTs are uploaded to the IPFS network for decentralized storage and connected to the creator on the blockchain proving ownership. Other players can view or buy them here the Marketplace website, and view them in a beautiful 3D/VR gallery, in the Moonlanders game. Players can also buy additional furniture, items for their Moonland, Home and Moonparks (or Themeparks if you’re familiar with that). Snacks can also be bought to feed their Pets on the Moon.


The Landfinder allows you to easily view and explore the Moonlands that are available for sale. Moonlands are required for Homes and Themepark building. By owning Moonlands, you collect rent/leases in the form of $CREE from visitors and tenants! You can also trade your Moonlands on Opensea, LooksRare and/or Rarible.

A Metaverse Game built on and off Blockchains

Early access started in July 2022, with the Alpha coming up next in Q4 2022, and Q2 2023.



JericVerse: Mr. J

Artist / Producer / Technopreneur — creator of AGENT1, Zion / DotaPod