Or How to effectively entertain yourself and others

Look at those sleep-deprived faces!

The evening on January 25, 2019, found a small group of young people gathered and initiating somewhat embarrassing activities in order to “break the ice”, ease the tension and form friendships. It was the kick-off event for Global Game Jam 2019, and…

Shiny Gauntlet is a Dungeon Hack n Slash, Bullet Hell, Rogue-Lite Adventure. In which you select your champion and explore the Gauntlet, collecting weapons, enchanted rings, bottling and/or consuming the mysterious remains of defeated foes. Its the fourth game that I’ve completed, and the first that has received any notable…

A Project Manager’s Guide to Shifting Project Requirements

Scope Creep can be defined as the continuous and/or uncontrolled growth in a given project’s scope, at any point after the project has begun. It is characterised by the expansion of the goals of a project as it progresses.

It is a…

Glen Henry

Project Director of Spritewrench Studios. Developing smaller games with an emphasis on narrative elements since 2013.

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