Why I Choose to be Theist

When I was a kid, I used to go to temples with my family and think that God is sitting somewhere on the clouds and keeping an eye over us. But when I got matured enough, I started asking questions to myself that Who is God? Does He even exist? What if He does not exist ? Do we really take re-births? Are our deeds monitored? Am I this body? What is the purpose of my life? From where I came? What do I do to this Life?

I heard and read a lot of different opinions on these questions. Some used to say there is no God, you get only one life enjoy it as Ice-cream before it melts. Some says you yourself is God you just need to discover that. And most of them say God is everywhere.

I think that when there is no supreme power than why will anyone fear from doing wrong deeds. It will be like a city without laws. There has to be some big picture. If this life is the only life then why some born as poor or in miseries and some people gets very prosperous life. Why there are lots of differences. Why we feel bondage and wants to get free from all difficulties and problems in life. I feel that there is some supreme power may be with some manifestation or in the form of energy, which is regulating and monitoring all of us under some laws.

In this world there are complex things like human brain and consciousness which even science can not understand completely. We hear lot of great people like Meera, Surdas, Tulsidas and Ramakrishna Paramhans who have experienced things out of the world, Are they all lying or Can there be possibility that what they are saying is the truth.

Meera, a KrishnaBhakt
Surdas, a blind krishna bhakt

I start believing that there is God by thinking about all these things.

Some may argue that science inability to crack something does not mean that It proofs the existence of God.

May be they are right and I am wrong. But I feel what harm Am I making If I believe there is God.

I thought of weighing both of the possibilities.

If I take the possibility of God non existence, and I believed He does exist, then I am going to believe in karma’s and re-births, so I will always be afraid in doing wrong deeds. I will see life with broader view not just as 70–80 years but as Infinite lives, I will not be too much attached to the people who are my relatives in this life and I will have more equality for others, I will see everyone with equal and oneness feeling. I will always try to incline myself more towards goodness, which will ultimately help society and improving myself as an individual. So nothing wrong in that.

And If we take the possibility of God existence, then believing in Him is logical. So In both ways I felt Believing in him is more logical than not believing him.

Thats how I choose to be Theist.

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