New campus group to educate students about sexual assault

Originally published in the Lindenwood ‘Legacy’ newspaper, Feb. 7, 2017
Infographic by Michelle Sproat | Information from

A new student government organization hopes to teach students how to protect themselves against sexual assault.

The Campus Organization Against Sexual Assault was voted in as an official organization during a Lindenwood Student Government Association meeting last month.

According to organizers, it was created “to make Lindenwood a safer place by raising awareness and information to prevent assaults from happening through bystander training and resources for victims.”

Ilsa Dulle, one of the organizers, said that she wants people to know what to do when a sexual assault happens.

“I think it’s a sentiment that many on campus can agree with: that we all just want to be able to do more to prevent sexual assault and to help those whose lives have been affected by it,” Dulle said.

Tina Babel, Lindenwood’s Title IX coordinator and adviser of the organization, expressed interest in having the organization do more than just lend an ear.

“She said she was really interested in bringing in speakers, doing self-defense classes and creating a community to know that you have support at Lindenwood,” said Regan Cole, LSGA president.

Babel said that the group will be going through training to learn how to communicate properly with victims of sexual assault.

“Sexual misconduct is an issue in every campus across the United States,” said Babel. “The way that we can combat that is by being aware of the issues and being aware of where the problems are and being there for each other.”